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Jupiter Price Prediction - $2 An Easy Target As Bulls Take Control

Jupiter is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today, and its price is starting to build up upside momentum. Jupiter currently has a market capitalization of $1.850 billion. 

Jupiter is the largest decentralized exchange on the Solana ecosystem. Jupiter has a strong reputation for its world-class swap aggregation technologies. Thanks to the technologies packed up in Jupiter, it can outdo most DEXs in terms of offering the necessary liquidity infrastructure for trading Solana tokens. Among the features that make Jupiter a favorite for many traders are its easy-to-use features, such as limit orders, Bridges, perpetual trading, and DCA features.

One of the main reasons Jupiter is increasingly on investors’ radar is that the team behind it is working to ensure that it offers users an even better experience. This is quite evident in the high-quality features being added to Jupiter. 

Last week, the Jupiter team announced the launch of the Value-Average feature. With this feature, traders can automatically buy more of a token when the price goes down and less of it when the price goes down. The logic behind this feature is to ensure that an investor gets into an asset at the best possible price at any given time. 

More Technical Improvements 

A few days after announcing this feature, the Jupiter team also announced the launch of the Intuitive Launchpool Model paper. The goal behind the ILM is to ensure that projects that want to trade on Jupiter can make intuitive parameters. With such inputs, projects can develop DLMM pools that serve their liquidity needs. This is a big deal because it will make it easier for cryptocurrency projects to choose launch strategies that align with their goals.

The good news in terms of the technical aspects of Jupiter continues to come out, and this week has started on a positive note. Today, the Jupiter team announced that they have developed a generalized version of the LFG Launchpool and made it into an ILM. This is a continuation of the ILM’s announcement last week, which aims to ensure that any project launching and trading on Jupiter has a Launchpool customized for its needs. 

All these technical improvements mean that Jupiter will continue to hold its position as one of the best DEXs running on the Solana blockchain today. That’s because they incentivize more projects to launch and trade on Jupiter. It adds value to JUP, the native token of the Jupiter Decentralized Exchange. 

Jupiter Now Handles More Transactions Than Uniswap

These improvements to the Jupiter DEX are also coming up when volumes on Jupiter are hitting new highs. For a while, Jupiter has outperformed top Ethereum DEXs like Uniswap regarding daily trading volumes. The low trading fees in the Solana ecosystem drive this. As launching and trading tokens on Jupiter becomes more straightforward, the volume gap between Jupiter and other DEXs will likely increase. This will see more investors turn to JUP as an investment, a factor that is quite evident in JUP’s increasingly bullish price action at the moment. 

The rising investor interest also gets a boost because JUP is a cryptocurrency that is easily available on most top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges. Anyone who wants to buy JUP can easily do so on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and Kraken. 

In the section below, we look at Jupiter’s price action to determine how it could trade today and for the rest of the week. 

Jupiter Crypto Price Prediction – Why JUP Could Test $2 This Week

When going to press, Jupiter was gaining upside momentum. It was up by 7% to trade at $1.47. 

Jupiter has broken out of an intra-day consolidation between $1.4270 and $1.1576 with high volumes. This is an indicator that bulls are gaining control. If bulls sustain the build, the critical level to watch will be the weekly high of $1.5665. If Bulls can push through the $1.5665, then Jupiter could easily trade at $2 today or sometime within the week. 

With all the good news coming out of the Jupiter ecosystem, the odds of such a price move for JUP are pretty high.