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Jiritsu Blockchain harnesses ZK MPC and Avalanche to authenticate real world assets on-chain

Jiritsu Network, a leader in ensuring accurate computing, recently launched Jiritsu Layer 1. This creation uses Avalanche’s Subnet technology stack and is powered by Zero-Knowledge Multi-Party Computation. With Jiritsu, complicated real-world assets like private equity, real estate, and supply chains can be accurately represented, verified, and tapped into on the blockchain.

Thanks to innovative ZK MPC technology, Jiritsu addresses fundamental issues like computational limitations, managing data from off-chain sources, and automating workflows deriving from off-chain events.

Everready group partners with Jiritsu

Jiritsu has a variety of uses, but it is initially partnering with Everready Group at launch. Everready, a top company in Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon FBA program is using Jiritsu’s “Proof of Inventory” product to verify its inventory. This includes nearly $20 million in daily inventory checks, more than $15 million in monthly transactions, and the tracking of over 100,000 different items.

This partnership uses Jiritsu’s technology for the first time and showcases Everready’s strong dedication to accuracy and dependability in handling its supply chain.

Everready, under the leadership of CEO Michael Perl, is taking a monumental leap forward with the adoption of Jiritsu Proof. This significant move illustrates the company’s dedication to increased transparency and trust in every transaction.

The application of such cutting-edge technology allows them to verify and secure an immense daily inventory, thereby enhancing their operational capabilities and setting a new standard for asset management in the digital age.

Jiritsu’s core ZK MPC technology works by securely checking and confirming crucial details about off-chain assets. The importance of these assets is often hidden and varies from one to another. However, using Jiritsu ensures they are correctly and transparently shown on the blockchain.

This breakthrough leads to stronger asset tokenization and enhances the use of the blockchain in supply chain, logistics, banking, and capital markets, amongst other areas. Jiritsu’s capabilities can make traditional asset transactions quicker, cheaper, and less complicated while improving privacy, security, and trust.

Morgan Kruptesky, the senior director of Business Development for Institutions and Capital Markets at Ava Labs, expressed pride in their groundbreaking ventures into asset tokenization. This progress is due, in large part, to their innovative partnerships within the Zero-Knowledge Proofs and asset tokenization industries, particularly with partners such as Jiritsu.

Ava Labs is proud to keep opening new frontiers in asset tokenization through ambitious projects with forward-looking partners in the ZK and asset tokenization space like Jiritsu

Morgan Kruptesky

Kruptesky noted that the commencement of Jiritsu on Avalanche markedly accentuates the network’s pioneering stance in this rapidly advancing sector.

Furthermore, it offers more comprehensive selections for security, authentication, and efficiency in controlling real-world assets on-chain. Kruptesky went on to commend the Avalanche network’s consistent ability to supply swift, versatile, and sturdy blockchain solutions, aligning with the intricate prerequisites of present-day finance.

Jiritsu’s new Layer 1 launch can change how we manage and verify assets on the blockchain. It simplifies dealing with assets that are usually hard to verify, opening up new opportunities for investing in and owning a wide range of digital assets. Jiritsu, strengthened by Avalanche, is all set to back cutting-edge Real World Assets initiatives.

More about the Jiritsu Network

Jiritsu Network is a leader in blockchain technology. They’re changing the game by turning physical assets into digital ones using ZK MPC technology. Introducing the Jiritsu Layer 1 is a big step in making digital asset handling straightforward, fast, and safe.

More about Everready

Everready is a pioneering online shopping industry offering smart solutions that improve your e-shopping experience. This Amazon FBA 2P partner is changing how sellers handle their stock, promising product readiness and swift delivery. With a deep commitment to honesty, dependability, and productivity, Everready works tirelessly to surpass your demands, solidifying its place as a powerhouse in the online retail market.

More about Avalanche

Avalanche is a user-friendly platform for smart contracts. It’s swift, finalizing deals in less than a second. Developers can create strong, tailored blockchain solutions thanks to its unique agreement protocol, infrastructure, and toolkit. Developers are free to build anything they want on this environmentally-friendly blockchain, explicitly designed for the next generation of the web, known as Web3.