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JasmyCoin Price Prediction – Is A Breakout To $0.10 Underway?

JasmyCoin is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today, and the excitement is starting to show in the price. In the last 24 hours, JasmyCoin trading volumes have shot up by 35% to hit $300 million. The price has also gained momentum quickly, with JASMY up 6% in the last few hours. 

The excitement follows the publishing on X of an interview that Jasmy Company’s president did recently. The interview highlights what Jasmy Co has done so far, the use cases of its technology, and what the future holds. 

From the interview, it is clear to investors that Jasmy is relevant in an age where data privacy is becoming more critical than ever. The president noted that the company has already found a use case in the driverless car market by making it possible for users of such cars to manage their data without it being shared with people who ideally should not be seeing it. 

The Personal Data Locker And Multi-Billion Web Advertising Market

The Jasmy President also noted that the company has many potential use cases in the future. One particularly noteworthy use case is in web advertising – a multi-billion market. The President said that the current method of advert recommendation tends to mismatch people with their needs by using their tastes similar to those who have bought a product before. However, with Jasmy’s personal data locker, a single ID can be used only to give out the information that one wants to use to get relevant ads.

Use Case Perfect For AI

While still on the issue of the personal data locker and accurate web advertising, the Jasmy Co, President touched on AI, a hot topic in the market today. He noted that by combining the personal data locker with the analytical capabilities of AI, users can get fine-tuned recommendations for what they need when shopping online or just looking for information that fits a particular need they have. 

The article JasmyCoin shared on Twitter has excited the market as more people now have a clear idea of what JasmyCoin is doing and its potential growth based on adoption. 

Better Tokenomics 

However, more than just the use case is exciting the market. JasmyCoin tokenomics are much better than they have ever been at any point in the past. That’s because, in the past, only a small portion of the tokens were in circulation, with more being unlocked over time. This essentially made JasmyCoin an inflationary token. 

This has changed because, at the moment, 98.60% of the total token supply is in circulation. This means token inflation is no longer a factor. This coupled with the increasing use cases for Jasmy Co products, especially the personal data locker, makes JasmyCoin one of the most bullish tokens in the market today. 

The best part is that, as hype builds up around JasmyCoin, investors have multiple easily accessible options to buy the token. Anyone looking to buy JasmyCoin can easily do so through top exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. 

In the section below, we do a JasmyCoin price analysis to try and determine how high it can go now that bullish momentum is on the rise. 

JASMY Crypto Price Prediction

When going to press, JASMY was trading at $0.02148, up by 6.52%. This gave the token a market capitalization of $1.06 billion. Volumes were rising by 36% to hit $300 million.

JAMSY is forming a symmetrical triangle pattern, indicating that a forceful breakout is imminent. 

JASMY Crypto Price Prediction

If buying volumes increase and JasmyCoin breaks out of this triangle to the upside, JASMY could easily hit prices above $0.05 in just a few hours. 

On the flip side, if JasmyCoin breaks downwards from the triangle, the token could easily drop to around $0.018. 

So, Which Way JASMY?

While the breakout could happen in any direction, the odds are that it will be an upside. That’s because JasmyCoin is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies, indicating that many investors are keen on the token. 

Also, the recently published article that is now posted on the JasmyCoin X account has given investors context on the multi-billion market that JasmyCoin wants to serve. This, coupled with the current tokenomics, gives JASMY the potential for explosive price growth, which could see it hit $1 in an all-out bull market.