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Is It Too Late To Buy PEPE? Experts Predict Next 10X Returns And This Might Be The Next Crypto To Explode

Crypto market sensation PEPE has been attracting considerable attention courtesy of its remarkable market actions, which have placed it in a pole position to become one of the most rewarding digital assets that have graced the crypto market space. 

Despite the bearish market outlook in May, PEPE orchestrated one of the most bullish runs, breaking above its all-time high (ATH) on several occasions while rewarding both long-term and short-term holders tremendously. 

Source: GeckoTerminal

Consequently, several bullish predictions about PEPE’s price expansion potential are emerging, which has seen the token holders increase remarkably. On the flip side, some pessimists think that PEPE has exhausted its massive appreciation potential, which is quite understandable, considering that the token skyrocketed by over fifteen million percent in its first four months of gracing the crypto market. 

Amid the pessimism hovering around PEPE’s price expansion prospect, a renowned market analyst, Mister Crypto, is heavily bullish on PEPE’s growth potential, urging his followers to still invest in the meme coin and asserting that it is not too late to delve into the meme coin investment project.  

PEPE Investment Remains A Viable Option With Massive Reward Potential 

Taking to his verified X handle, Mister Crypto revealed why he envisages PEPE as a good investment option for traders hoping to earn remarkably off their crypto holdings. 

According to him, the coin still boasts a remarkable 10X reward potential, underscoring the coin’s growth expansion despite already attaining a massive $6 billion market cap valuation. Going further, he stated, “A $60 billion price target is pretty realistic in a bull market.”

How A 10X Price Increment Will Influence  PEPE’s Investment 

Per PEPE’s price readings on the popular crypto assets price tracker site, CoinGecko, PEPE is trading at approximately $0.0000155, reflecting a 3.7% upswing in the past 24 hours. 

A 10X increment would see the token delete a zero in its selling price, culminating in a new $0.000155 ATH for the token. In addition, traders that invested $1,000 in PEPE now would scoop in profits of about $9,000, making it a juicy investment choice for investors willing to risk substantial funds. 

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Anticipated Timeline For PEPE To Delete A Zero From Its Selling Price 

Estimating a potential timeline based on Mister Crypto’s analysis does not seem likely because his analysis did not have any chat attached, nor did he mention any probable timeline. 

Nevertheless, we could still work with reputable crypto assets price prediction platforms to see when they anticipate PEPE at $0.000155. Firstly, we shall unveil what Changelly said about PEPE’s anticipated 10X surge. 

According to Changelly, PEPE would most likely delete a zero in its selling price in 2031, when it would attain average and maximum prices of about $0.00013 and $0.00015, respectively. 

Incredibly, Crypto2Community’s forecast tallied with Changelly’s prediction, corroborating earlier assertion that PEPE would most likely attain $0.000155 in 2031.

Telegaon's PEPE Price Prediction
Crypto2Community’s Pepe Price Prediction

It is left to see how events unfold. For now, traders banking on PEPE’s investment should keep an open mind while observing the market closely, as the predictions from both Telegaon and Changelly, despite being uniform, should not be taken as an absolute basis to predict PEPE’s future trajectory.

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