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Is It Too Late To Buy LandWolf? WOLF Price Soars 94% Ahead of XT Crypto Exchange Listing

The LandWolf price has skyrocketed by 94% in the past 24 hours to trade at $0.02193 as of 11:25 a.m. EST. It has become one of the most popular trading pairs on Base in the past 24 hours.

This impressive surge is accompanied by a 69% increase in trading volume, which has risen to $33.38 million. 

The rally in LandWolf’s value comes in anticipation of its upcoming listing on the XT crypto exchange, scheduled for June 25 at 12 p.m. UTC.

Landwolf is a fork of SafeMoon. It addresses the issues found in SafeMoon’s tokenomics by improving its features and adding new measures to strengthen the price floor, reduce the total supply over time, and reward early adopters. 

While SafeMoon has gained popularity, it has faced criticism. In contrast, Landwolf focuses on refining tokenomics to ensure stability and sustainable growth.

Using advanced algorithms, Landwolf generates gas-less yield rewards, encouraging users to hold their tokens. It also stabilizes the price through automatic liquidity generation. Additionally, the protocol performs regular token burns to decrease the circulating supply gradually. This strategy reduces sell pressure and supports the price floor, contributing to overall market stability.

WOLF is both a meme coin and a culture coin because it heavily focuses on memes and engaging its community.

WOLF Price Statistics

  • WOLF price now: $0.02193
  • Market cap: $202 million
  • Trading Volume:$33.38 million
  • Circulating supply:10 billion
  • Total supply – 10 billion

LandWolf Price Analysis: Can the Bulls Sustain the Momentum?

The price of WOLF has been trending upward recently, staying within a narrow range and finding solid support around the $0.002087 mark. This support has enabled bullish sentiment, helping the bulls drive a rise towards the all-time high and resistance level of $0.02246. However, bears stepped in and drove the price down, leading to a corrective phase.

LandWolf Price

WOLFUSD Analysis (Source: Dextools.io)

Despite a recent dip, the bulls have bounced back, taking control at the $0.01657 support level and starting a rally that has pushed the price towards the $0.02246 high.

Currently, WOLF is trading just below the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) but is still above the 200-day SMA. This helps maintain its upward momentum and strengthens the bullish sentiment in the market. If the price manages to rise above the 50-day SMA, it would signal strong buying interest, which could support the ongoing uptrend. 

LandWolf Price Prediction

The MACD is showing bullish signs, supporting the potential for further upward movement. The blue average line is currently turning to cross above the orange signal line above the neutral level. Even though histogram bars are still red, they are diminishing, indicating the bearish pressure is waning.

The RSI has rebounded, trading slightly above the 50 midline level even after the short correction, indicating the chance for the bulls to drive the price up further to the overbought zone. If the price breaks through this level and sustains it, this could boost investor confidence and attract more buyers, driving the price to new highs.

If WOLF maintains its upward trend, it is poised to rally beyond the $0.02246 high. This could help the bulls drive the price of WOLF to reach a new high of $0.03045. 

Conversely, should WOLF fail to breach this critical resistance, it could face heightened selling pressure. In this scenario, the $0.009363 level will emerge as a significant support point to monitor closely.

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