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Internet Computer Price Prediction – $13.520 A Key Intra-Day Target As ICP Launches Global Expansion Drive

Today marks another turbulent day for the cryptocurrency market as Bitcoin has dipped below the crucial support level of $60,000 to touch lows of $56,900. However, amid the flurry of sell-offs and market uncertainty, Internet Computer (ICP) stands resilient, pressing forward regardless of the price swings.

ICP Townhall Charts Path For Global Adoption 

Internet Computer recently hosted the ICP Global Townhall Community. This event served as a testament to the project’s unwavering dedication to its goals and highlighted numerous developments that could shape its trajectory in the coming months.

A major announcement from the town hall is the introduction of ICP hubs, a strategic initiative designed to drive global adoption. These hubs, called ICP Houses, will serve as focal points for raising awareness about Internet Computer (ICP) through various events and activities. Emilio Canessa, Head of Global Adoption at DFINITY Foundation, emphasized the importance of a “GLOCAL” (global + local) approach in fostering adoption, indicating that the integration of 24 regional ICP hubs with the worldwide reach of ICP Houses will facilitate cross-pollination and bolster the project’s ecosystem.

Multiple Important Events To Happen During ICP House Events 

ICP Houses events will feature various activities, including hackathons, educational sessions on ICP, and networking opportunities for developers worldwide. By strategically timing these events to coincide with major crypto gatherings globally, Internet Computer aims to maximize its impact and reach a diverse audience of enthusiasts and stakeholders.

The inaugural ICP Houses events are slated to take place in Seoul, South Korea, and Hong Kong, with plans for an additional eleven events throughout the year in Kenya, Germany, Turkey, Canada, India, Poland, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Singapore. These events underscore Internet Computer’s commitment to establishing itself as a prominent player in the rapidly evolving Web 3.0 landscape.

ICP Angling To Be  A Key Player In Web 3.0 and AI

Despite the short-term fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices, Internet Computer’s long-term potential remains compelling, positioning it as a top contender for investors seeking stability amidst market volatility. Notably, ICP’s moves in artificial intelligence enhance its value proposition, tapping into a burgeoning technology poised to reshape industries across the globe.

The convergence of blockchain technology and AI represents a paradigm shift with far-reaching implications akin to the transformative impact of electricity in previous centuries. By positioning itself at the intersection of these revolutionary trends, Internet Computer solidifies its position within the cryptocurrency market. It lays the groundwork for pioneering advancements in decentralized computing and AI-driven innovation.

In the section below, we do an Internet Computer (ICP) price analysis to determine how it could trade for the remainder of the day. 

Internet Computer Crypto Price Prediction

As of 08:47 UTC, Internet Computer was trading at $12.29, down by 4.82% in 24 hours. However, trading volumes rose by 80.51% to $206.099 million.

From ICP’s price action, it is clear that bears faced rejection at $12.165 after an early morning selloff. This suggests potential support at this level if the bulls maintain momentum. Should buying volumes surge, attention turns to $13.034, now a key resistance level intra-day. A successful breach of $13.034 resistance could propel ICP towards $13.520 or higher by day’s end.

Conversely, dwindling trading volumes may lead to consolidation between $12.165 support and $13.034 resistance. On the other hand, heightened selling pressure could trigger a breach of the $12.165 support. In such a scenario, ICP could easily drop to $10 within the day.  

Which Way For ICP Today?

Today, Internet Computer (ICP)’s price is primarily based on Bitcoin’s price action. If Bitcoin finds some support at $57k and bounces back, then ICP could also bounce back. However, ICP’s prospects look good. The launch of ICP Houses will help drive adoption, and that’s good for long-term value growth.