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HONK Price Prediction – Could HONK Gain Another 100% Soon?

Honk (HONK) has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. In this period, HONK has rallied by 100% to hit a high of $0.061 before a slight retreat. Honk was up by 60% when going to press and trading at $0.01233. 

Honk is one of the new-generation meme coins that have been giving investors parabolic returns on investment in recent days. Like the other top trending meme coins at the moment, Honk runs on the Solana blockchain. 

Unlike past meme coins that are mainly themed around dogs, Honk is taking a different approach by using a goose theme. The logo is part of the reasons Honk has done so well recently. That’s because the goose inspires it in the popular Untitled Goose video game. 

However, investors are attracted to Honk by more than the video-game-inspired logo. Honk is also one of the top meme coins that are truly decentralized. The founders of the token revoked the power to mint tokens immediately it was launched. This significantly reduces the possibility of the founders pulling a rug pull, as is common with meme coins. 

Investors are also loving the fact that Honk has no tax, again a feature that many meme coins have incorporated. This means investors get the exact number of tokens that they have bought. Honk is essentially a people-driven token, and this is playing a major role in its growing adoption. 

While these are all factors that have played a role in driving up the value of HONK in the past, the rally witnessed in the last 24 hours is largely driven by news of more listings on Centralized Exchanges. 

What is Next for HONK

The Honk team has announced on X that HONK is now listed on MEXC. This, according to the team, is the latest centralized exchange listing that the token has received, and the numbers are growing. Even more exciting to investors is that the new listing comes with an airdrop of 30K USDT worth of HONK tokens. 

More exciting is the fact that the Honk team understands the importance of hype in driving up the price of a meme coin. They have announced on X that they have recently run a successful advertising campaign on Instagram. This has helped draw in more attention to HONK, and as more people discover this token, the network effect is likely to trigger FOMO. 

Honk investors are also excited by the announcement of Honk Spaces, which will be launched tomorrow. That’s per the team’s communication on X. The excitement about the launch of Honk Spaces is driven by the fact that the community can take part in the token more intimately. In fact, going by conversations on X around the coming launch of Honk Spaces, the anticipation is high. 

With all the excitement going on around Honk, you might be wondering what the best way to buy this top trending meme coin is, right?  You can buy Honk on any of the top DEXs that host Solana tokens. Among the best ones are Jupiter, Raydium, and Orca. Honk is also getting listed on more exchanges, but even the ones where it is already listed are easy to access for most crypto investors. Among the centralized exchanges where you can buy HONK are LBank, Poloniex, and MEXC, which is the latest one to list the token. 

In the section below, we take a look at the potential direction that HONK could take and whether it can sustain the current price rally.

HONK Crypto Price Prediction

When going to press, HONK’s trading volumes were on the rise, up 90% to stand at $6.68 million. The rapid increase in trading volumes has also reflected positively on the price. HONK is currently trading at $0.01236, an increase of 54%. 

From a look at its charts, Honk is currently entering a consolidation phase. After a rally that saw it hit a high of $0.016 in the last 24 hours, Honk is currently range-bound between a high of $0.016 and a low of 0.011.

Honk Price Chart

If bulls regain momentum and drive Honk through the $0.016 resistance, prices above $0.018 could be tested within the day.

However, if bears take control and push Honk through the $0.016 support, then prices below $0.01 (a key psychological support level) could be tested in the short term. 

While the price can go either way, the hype around Honk, thanks to exchange listings and an aggressive advertising campaign, makes the bullish case more plausible. 

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