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High Potential Cryptocurrency to Buy on April 24 – Toncoin, Stacks, PEPE

With the market showing positive signals, investors are seeking the best cryptocurrencies to buy in anticipation of a bull rally. However, with so many cryptocurrencies, choosing the ones that offer the most ROI may pose a challenge. The good thing is that there are cryptocurrencies that stand out due to their recent developments, technological advancements, and market potential. 

It is these high-potential cryptocurrencies that we focus on in this article to give investors better odds as the market gains traction. 

High Potential Cryptocurrency to Buy on April 24

This section looks at some of the best cryptocurrencies that could do well in the next 24 hours and through the week. We look at Toncoin and its growing potential in the DeFi space, Stacks rising potential in the Bitcoin DeFi space after the Nakamoto Release, and Bitcoin, as momentum rises post-halving. We also look at Near Protocol thanks to its positioning in the fast-growing AI space and PEPE’s increasing momentum after the Bitcoin halving, which will likely trigger FOMO buying. 

Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin (TON) has caught the attention of investors as it navigates through a recent correction phase. Despite this temporary downturn, Toncoin remains a top choice for investors, as evidenced by its quick bounce off the week’s low. The correction presents an opportunity to buy before a potential price rally.

One of the critical factors likely to trigger a Toncoin rally in the short term is the recent news surrounding the Ton blockchain ecosystem. The Ton Blockchain team recently announced the launch of a grant program to bolster DeFi. From this grant, teams with high-potential DeFi projects are set to get up to $520,000. This demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation and adoption within the Ton ecosystem. With such developments in the pipeline, Toncoin holds significant potential for growth and value appreciation.

Investors keen on riding the wave of DeFi innovation and seeking exposure to emerging blockchain ecosystems may find Toncoin a compelling addition to their portfolios.  Additionally, the fact that Toncoin is now deeply integrated with the Telegram ecosystem means that TON now has a level of utility that not many cryptocurrencies out there can match. This makes it highly undervalued, especially after its correction this week. 

Stacks (STX)

Stacks (STX) has emerged as a leading Bitcoin layer-2 chain. It is gaining traction amidst the growing popularity of Bitcoin-based decentralized finance solutions. Stacks is also gaining traction thanks to the Nakamoto Release, a significant milestone that enhances transaction speed on the Stacks network. 

The Nakamoto Release represents a significant leap forward for the Stacks ecosystem, positioning it as a formidable player in the Bitcoin DeFi space. As the Nakamoto Release hype continues to build momentum around Stacks, it stands out as a top cryptocurrency investment opportunity today.

Stacks has already shown that it has the potential to do well in bull markets, based on its recent performance. As such, with its fundamentals getting more robust, thanks to the Nakamoto release, Stacks is a hot cryptocurrency to invest in today. It could hit prices of $10 or more in the foreseeable future. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC), the original cryptocurrency, remains a cornerstone of the digital asset market. Despite its maturity, Bitcoin continues to gain attention from investors seeking stability and long-term growth potential. Bitcoin has been gaining momentum post-halving, signaling the impact of the reduced supply entering circulation.

The influx of institutional players, including BlackRock, underscores growing confidence in Bitcoin’s future trajectory. Besides the momentum from the US ETFs, Bitcoin is likely to see even more demand from China, especially now that Hong Kong recently approved Bitcoin ETFs. Analysts bullish projections, such as Standard Chartered’s forecast of Bitcoin reaching $150,000 within the year, further solidify its status as a top cryptocurrency investment choice.

With such projections coming up and the rising institutional interest in the leading crypto asset at the moment, Bitcoin makes for an undervalued cryptocurrency to buy today. 

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Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol (NEAR) occupies a prominent position within the cryptocurrency landscape, particularly as it intersects with the rapidly expanding field of artificial intelligence (AI). With the AI narrative gaining momentum, cryptocurrencies like NEAR are well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive value appreciation.

The recent launch of an innovation that simplifies blockchain adoption for non-sophisticated users further enhances NEAR Protocol’s appeal to investors. As the AI space evolves and blockchain adoption grows, NEAR Protocol stands out as a top cryptocurrency investment opportunity. At under $10, NEAR is undervalued, especially if Bitcoin-triggered FOMO kicks in, which could see it rally to over $30 or more. 


PEPE (PEPE) has emerged as a noteworthy contender within the meme coin market, showcasing early signs of a bullish trend. The anticipation of further gains and the boost from PEPE perpetual futures on Coinbase adds to the cryptocurrency’s potential for significant price appreciation.

As investor interest in cryptocurrencies increases amidst growing anticipation of a Bitcoin rally, PEPE stands out as a top altcoin poised for success in the days ahead. With a strong community following and increasing mainstream recognition, PEPE holds promise for investors seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities.


The cryptocurrency market currently offers many investment opportunities. This is especially true now that Bitcoin shows signs of a possible bullish breakout. Top altcoins like Toncoin, Stacks, NEAR Protocol, and PEPE present impressive opportunities due to their remarkable fundamentals. If past post-halving rallies are anything to go by, these top 5 cryptocurrencies could rally by 5X or more in the short term. 

However, while each cryptocurrency presents unique opportunities and potential rewards, it is always best to do some due diligence. By staying informed and proactive, investors can position themselves to capitalize on the opportunities that the market has to offer.