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High Potential Crypto To Buy March 6

Bitcoin’s $10k dip yesterday sent most altcoins tumbling by double digits. However, the entire market has rebounded, with Bitcoin now all set to retest its all-time highs for the second time in 24 hours. This indicates the underlying momentum is bullish, and the market could be headed for an explosive growth wave. With such potential, you may wonder, what next cryptocurrency to consider adding? 

This can be a challenging question for most investors because the factors involved are many and complex. Large-cap cryptocurrencies, while potentially good investments, may not deliver the same returns as the smaller-cap ones with more room to grow. The only challenge with smaller-cap cryptos is that many carry high risks, such as the teams backing them with malicious intentions.

In this article, we have focused on low-cap cryptocurrencies with the high potential as the market is headed for another bullish super cycle. 

Top Crypto To Buy Today

This article highlights low-cap cryptocurrencies showing potential for 10X or more returns in the coming days or weeks. We take a look at Coq Inu, a fast-rising meme coin on the Avalanche blockchain, Myro, a low-cap meme coin that has just been listed on Binance, and MOCHI NEW (MOCHI) a meme coin that is named after Brian Armstrong’s cat.

We also look at FORE Protocol (FORE), a fast-growing platform for prediction markets, and MAGA (TRUMP), a popular meme coin that is riding the wave of Trump’s popularity and campaign towards another stab at the presidency. 


COQ Inu easily makes it to the list of the top cryptocurrencies to explode today because it is a standout in the Avalanche ecosystem. So far, most investors are familiar with meme coins that run on Ethereum and Solana. As such, with the fast growth on COQ Inu on Avalanche, investors are taking note. 

The advantage of COQ Inu is that investors don’t incur much in transaction costs, just like Solana meme coins. Avalanche is a low-cost blockchain platform, meaning even someone with just $50 to invest can buy COQ Inu without losing much of it to network fees.

Even more bullish for COQ Inu is the fact that it has a very low market cap. Currently, COQ Inu has a market capitalization of $264.69 million. This gives it a lot of room to grow now as it matches towards a $1 billion market capitalization or more. There are meme coins with market capitalizations of over $10 billion, so COQ Inu, with the hype around it today, can easily top $2 billion or more during this hype cycle. 

Myro (MYRO)

Myro (Myro) is another leading meme coin that has done exceptionally well recently. This crypto has defied the market with gains of close to 50% in 24 hours. Myro’s current momentum is driven by news that the token has been listed on Binance. This opens up the way for more investors to buy Myro, a factor that could add to the buying pressure as the bull market enters another hype cycle. 

However, not just the Binance listing gives Myro explosive growth potential. This token also has impressive tokenomics relative to its market cap. Myro has a circulating supply of 999 million tokens, a tiny amount for a meme coin. Myro also has a relatively small market cap at the moment, standing at only $346.57 million. 

With all the hype around Myro and its low market cap, this meme coin easily has $10 or more potential. Such potential makes Myro one of the best meme coins today for 10X or more gains. 

Mochi New (MOCHI)

Mochi New (MOCHI) is a meme coin cleverly designed around a famous personality to draw in investors. It’s the same thing that many meme coins do, such as being named after Elon Musk’s dogs. Mochi New is themed around Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong’s cat. 

This is advantageous for the token in two ways. First, it attracts investors who love meme coins that are themed around famous personalities. Secondly, if it does well, the odds are that it could be listed on Coinbase. 

However, a standout aspect of Mochi New that makes it a worthy cryptocurrency to invest in today is its low market cap of $48.65 million. That’s tiny by crypto standards, and if the token were to hit $1 billion, it would deliver exemplary returns on investment for those buying now. 

FORE Protocol (FORE)

FORE Protocol (FORE) breaks rank from the other tokens in this list because it is not a meme coin. Instead, it is a platform designed for people looking to create prediction markets. With FORE Protocol, people can create prediction markets for any event. 

Besides the fact that FORE is targeting a high-growth market, its market cap also makes this token a worthy investment. FORE has a market capitalization of only $7.8 million. If it were to reach a $1 billion market cap, which is realistic in super bull cycles, then the returns on investment would be exceptional. 


President Trump is a controversial figure, but he has a solid base of followers. This is quite evident in the explosive growth of the MAGA (TRUMP) meme coin, whose sole purpose is to show solidarity with him. 

While this token has had an impressive run so far, the odds are that more gains could be on the way. That’s because it has quite a low market cap relative to other meme coins enjoying similar, if not lesser, levels of popularity. 

MAGA has a market capitalization of $346 million, which is tiny for a popular coin in a bull market. As the election approaches, coupled with the crypto bull market, this token has $2 billion or more market cap potential.