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Gorilla Price Surges as Bears Falter: $0.017 Highs on the Horizon

Gorilla Token is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap today. Its impressive performance over the last 24 hours, characterized by a 26% gain, has defied market trends. As of 10:56 UTC, Gorilla Token was trading at $0.00490, showcasing a significant uptrend in an otherwise directionless market.

Gorilla Leading Meme Coins Rebound as Bitcoin Finds Support 

The recent rally of Gorilla Token can be attributed to the renewed momentum in the meme coins segment of the crypto market. This has been triggered by Bitcoin’s stabilization above the $65,500 mark

Meme coins have been notable gainers this year, but their momentum was severely impacted last week when Bitcoin fell below the $70,000 threshold. However, with Bitcoin establishing a clear support level, investor confidence is coming back, and capital inflows meme coins is getting stronger.

Core Metrics Make Gorilla Attractive To Investors 

Gorilla Token is attracting attention due to its robust core metrics, which position it favorably for significant gains in a bullish market. 

Low Token Supply Relative To Other Meme Coins

One of the most compelling aspects of Gorilla Token is its low token supply. Unlike many meme coins with token supplies in the trillions, Gorilla Token’s total supply is 898.93 million tokens. This relatively low supply and the token’s recent performance suggest that Gorilla Token could see considerable price appreciation if the broader market turns bullish.

2024 Crypto Could Be Bigger Than All Others 

In 2023, Gorilla Token reached an all-time high of $0.02 even when the market was not particularly bullish. Given the current high expectations for a crypto bull rally, there is growing speculation that Gorilla Token could surge to as much as $0.10. With Bitcoin expected by some analysts to reach $200,000 in this cycle, Gorilla Token, which is already performing well in a range-bound market, could hit such ambitious price targets.

Low Market Cap Opens Room For Growth 

Another factor contributing to Gorilla Token’s potential is its low market capitalization. Currently valued at $4.05 million, Gorilla Token is significantly undervalued compared to many other meme coins with market caps in the billions. This low market cap and its limited token supply position Gorilla Token for substantial growth. If it were to achieve a market cap of $1 billion or more, the token’s value could skyrocket, making it an attractive investment at its current price levels.

More CEX Listing Likely Coming 

Gorilla Token also has considerable room for growth through listings on centralized exchanges (CEXs). Despite its impressive rise, Gorilla is only listed on a few mainstream exchanges, with Gate.io being the most notable. Additional listings on major exchanges, such as Binance, could trigger a parabolic price rally, pushing Gorilla Token to new heights.

Strong Community 

Moreover, Gorilla Token benefits from a strong and proactive community that is crucial to its ongoing success. The community’s positive messaging on social media platforms draws more attention to this top-performing meme coin, helping sustain its momentum. As more people become aware of Gorilla Token and its potential, the community-driven efforts could ensure continued growth and interest throughout the year.

Gorilla Token’s remarkable performance amidst a generally subdued market highlights its potential as a standout cryptocurrency. With its low token supply, undervalued market cap, potential for new exchange listings, and a dedicated community, Gorilla Token is well-positioned to capitalize on the anticipated crypto bull rally. 

Bears Fail At Key Support Three Times, A Bullish SignalGorilla Price Chart

Source: TradingView

Gorilla bears have failed three times at the $0.00336 support in the last two months. In the latest price action, bears failed even to test this support. The result is that the price of Gorilla is showing signs of a bullish reversal. 

If bulls sustain the current momentum, Gorilla could be on course to retest March highs of $0.017. On the other hand, if bulls fail to make a substantial rebound, then two scenarios could play out in the day. One is a possible consolidation around the $0.00336 support. In the other scenario, bears regain control and push through the $0.0336 support. In such a scenario, Gorilla could easily hit lows of $0.00200 or lower in the day or within the week. 

Gorilla Likely Headed For A Parabolic Price Move 

Of the scenarios that could play out today, Gorilla is likely headed for a parabolic price rally. Bears failing at a critical support level multiple times indicates underlying solid demand for Gorilla. Bullish momentum is also likely to be enhanced because Bitcoin seems to have stabilized after a correction post-Fed interest rates news. 

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