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GoMining's Groundbreaking Approach to NFT Generation with the Mine Box Collection

GoMining, the world’s first Bitcoin mining firm, is set to offer seamless access to Bitcoin mining using NFTs supported by real computing power. With the release of the Mine Box Collection, the mining firm has introduced an innovative approach to NFT miner creation. With this newly implemented approach, those who are passionate about Bitcoin mining can create and mint their very own GoMining NFTs.

Release of the Mine Box Collection

GoMining is the first mining firm in the world to provide easy access to mining Bitcoin. In addition to selecting from NFTs that are already available from earlier collections, fans of NFTs can create and mint their own exclusive GoMining NFTs. The Bitcoin mining firm has introduced this innovative approach as “The Mine Box Collection”.

Mark Zalan, a chief executive officer of GoMining, stated that The Mint Collection is a step toward a more engaging NFT experience. It will appeal to users who are interested in collecting and mining Bitcoin. Zalan also added that GoMining’s digital miners can become even more distinctive and in demand in both categories on the secondary market.

GoMining has combined this feature with its current best practices to ensure every GoMining NFT holder will get daily BTC rewards for retaining their miners, regardless of their purpose.

NFT Creation & Unique Traits

Upon purchasing, the Mine Box NFT miners are automatically generated. Mine Box NFTs come in unique designs with various traits when bought new. These include elements such as the screen, fans, body, stickers, and other features. These distinctive rarity traits for every Mine Box NFT grant them an unparalleled level of uniqueness and scarcity. As each characteristic has a rarity class, which ranges from common to legendary (0.10%), some Mine Box NFTs become even more exclusive and genuinely one-of-a-kind.

With GoMining, users have the flexibility to choose the level of computing power (ranging from 1 to 5,000 TH/s) they desire for their Mine Box NFT miner. These represent a portion of the total real-world Bitcoin mining power provided by the firm. The computed cost per Terahash decreases with increasing NFT miner processing power.

The higher the chosen computing power, the lower the cost per Terahash, providing flexibility and customization for each user’s mining setup. After choosing the starting mining power, the NFT holder may finish the transaction using USDT, GOMINING tokens, or any other fiat payment option that is available. It will produce a final NFT that is created just for them.

A Mine Box NFT newly obtained comes with an energy efficiency level of 35 W/TH that can be enhanced later on. Users may assess the predicted return on investment (ROI) of their purchase with ease thanks to an always-available, accessible historical data-based Bitcoin mining calculator.

Minting an NFT Miner

The Mine Box update grants every digital miner from GoMining’s infinite collection the ability to be minted on any preferred blockchain, including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. This option allows the NFT miner to be transferred to any external wallet that supports the chosen network and is available right away when the NFT is purchased and generated.

The secondary market, which allows Mine Box NFTs to be listed and sold both inside GoMining and on other markets like OpenSea, is another unique feature that is very pertinent to these NFTs. For holders hoping to profit from the special qualities of their Mine Box miner or, on the other hand, for those desiring to buy a genuinely unique item, this creates numerous options and opportunities.