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FLOKI Price Prediction – Why FLOKI Could Pump By 50%+ Today

FLOKI is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies today, up by more than 20%. FLOKI currently has a market capitalization of $2.31 billion, up 32%. 

FLOKI is among the top meme coins in the market today and ranks among big meme coins like PEPE, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. FLOKI has also distinguished itself in the market for the use cases that give it more intrinsic value than the average meme coin. Among the fundamentals of FLOKI are a DeFi platform called FlokiFi and a marketplace for trading NFTs. FLOKI has also become a darling for investors thanks to its strong community that calls itself Floki Vikings. 

FLOKI Sponsoring Table Tennis Championship In South Korea

While these factors have played a role in FLOKI’s growth in the past and will be instrumental to its growth in the future, they are not the reasons FLOKI has experienced a big price rally today. One of the key triggers to FLOKI’s significant gains in the last 24 hours is news coming from South Korea (one of the largest crypto markets in the world). Through its official X page, FLOKI has announced that it will be among the sponsors of this year’s World Table Tennis Championship, set to take place in South Korea. 

The FLOKI team noted that through the sponsorship of this event, more than half a billion people will learn about FLOKI because Table Tennis is one of the most watched sports in Asia. For context of how big Table Tennis is in Asia, about 251 million people in China closely watch the sport and will likely be following the world championship. According to the FLOKI team, the event will run between March 27th and 31st.  Considering the number of people expected to watch, the markets are anticipating, and rightly so, a massive influx of money into the FLOKI ecosystem.

FLOKI Now A Partner To Carbon Browser 

However, this is not the only big news coming out of the FLOKI ecosystem. Yesterday, the FLOKI team announced that they were partnering with Carbon Browser. Through this partnership, the FLOKI DeFi ecosystem will have access to the more than 7 million DeFi users of Carbon’s Web 3.0 browser. This is a big deal in terms of opening up the FLOKI DeFi market and will play a significant role in adding to the intrinsic value of FLOKI tokens. 

All these point to improving fundamentals and match up well with FLOKI’s ease of access on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Most meme coins usually trade on obscure exchanges that make investors shy away for security reasons. FLOKI does not have such a problem. FLOKI is easily accessible on major cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX, HTX, and even Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. With all the big news coming in about FLOKI adoption and market visibility in Asia, there is an avenue for money to flow into this top-trending meme coin.

In the section below, we make a FLOKI price prediction to determine whether the upside momentum it has built today will continue or is up for a correction. 

FLOKI Price Prediction – How High Can FLOKI Go?

FLOKI traded at $0.0002367 when writing this article, up 28%. Trading volumes were also on the rise, rising by 114% to $1.18 billion. 

Floki is gaining upside momentum after bears were firmly rejected at $0.00016227. With most losses from earlier in the week cleared out, the next critical level to watch for FLOKI is its most recent high of $0.00031416.

If bulls sustain momentum and FLOKI pushes through its most recent high of $0.00031416, then the odds of it killing a zero in the short term are pretty high. 

However, if bulls lose momentum, two scenarios could play out in the short term. The first one is a consolidation between $0.00031416 and $0.00022208, which is now a critical weekly support level. 

On the other hand, if short sellers take control in the day and push FLOKI through the $0.00022208 support, then the weekly low of $0.00016227 could come into focus in the short term.

The Case For Bulls

While any of these three scenarios could play out today, there is a lot of good news around FLOKI for a correction to happen. Besides, the broader crypto market is increasingly bullish, further strengthening the case for more upside for FLOKI.