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Fetch.ai Price Prediction – FET Blasts Through Resistance, $1 Now In Sight

Fetch.ai is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies at the moment. This is quite expected for a cryptocurrency that has been gaining upside momentum throughout the week. In the past week, Fetch.ai is up by 18%, and that momentum is accelerating in the day. At the moment, Fetch.ai is currently trading at $0.698, up by 6% in the day. 

 Fetch.ai is a cryptocurrency that is built for AI. The idea behind Fetch.ai is to decentralize machine learning, allowing anyone to access data for machine learning.  This gives it use cases in areas as diverse as transport to DeFi. For maximum efficiency, Fetch.ai leverages the power of cutting-edge chips from Nvidia to optimize real-time AI applications. 

Partnerships And More Deals

There is a lot of attention around Fetch.ai at the moment, thanks to this cryptocurrency’s recent moves. Three days ago, Fetch.ai announced that it was teaming up with Deutsche Telekom and Bosch for work on AI. The collaboration, according to the Fetch.ai team, is to develop world-leading AI technologies that are underpinned by the Fetch.ai network.


The Fetch.ai team is also working towards driving community engagement on matters of AI. Yesterday, the Fetch.ai team announced via X that they had been onboarded as an AI agent for the Imperial College London. Imperial College has a major AI event coming up on March 4th, and investors are excited that it could give Fetch.ai even more exposure in the market, further increasing the level of investment flowing in. 


As a cryptocurrency that has been around for a while, Fetch.ai is listed on most major exchanges. This means investing in Fetch.ai should not be a problem. Fetch.ai is listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKEX, Kucoin, and even Coinbase. Fetch.ai is also available on top decentralized exchanges like Uniswap V3 and Pancake V2. 

In the section below, we take a look at Fetch.ai’s price action to determine how it could trade in the coming hours and even days. 

Fetch.ai Crypto Price Prediction

When going to press, FET was gaining upside momentum and was trading at $0.7201, up by 6.70%. Volumes were on the rise, too, up by 84% to stand at $119.089. This indicates that investor interest in this cryptocurrency is currently on the rise in anticipation of a significant price move. 

Fetch.ai Crypto Price Prediction

After trading in a range between $0.6420 and $0.6885 for over a week, FET has made a bullish breakout. Bears tried to pull the price back into range territory, but the breakout has been confirmed with one long green candle. This is an indicator that bulls are firmly in control.

If bulls can sustain this momentum, then Fetch.ai trading at $1 could be within the range of possibility in the day. The volumes are there to support such a price move. 

On the other hand, if buying volumes drop, Fetch.ai could enter a consolidation phase with $0.6885 now acting as support.

However, if bears manage to push FET through $0.6885, now support, with high volumes, the key level to watch would be $0.6420, which is now the day’s second support level. If sellers push FET through $0.6420, then prices below $0.60 could be possible within the day. 

Why The Case For $1 FET Is Stronger

While any of the three scenarios can play out in the day, the case for FET hitting $1 is strongest. The main reason supporting a bullish scenario is the rising bullish momentum across the market. The Bitcoin halving is drawing nearer, and with Bitcoin firmly above $50k, investors expect a mega bull run where altcoins outperform Bitcoin. Since FET is one of the cryptos already showing breakout signals, buying volumes will likely keep rising. 

Secondly, a lot is happening within the Fetch.ai ecosystem that supports a continuation of bullish momentum. The first one is the recent partnerships between Fetch.ai and big corporations like Bosch and Deutsche Telekom. These will likely keep the market excited and help drive up buying momentum. There is also the upcoming AI conference by the Imperial College that the market expects to give Fetch.ai a boost in market visibility. 

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