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FairShake PAC Criticized for Not Backing Crypto Advocate John Deaton


  • FairShake, despite raising $160 million, heavily funds anti-crypto Democrats, sidelining pro-crypto candidates.
  • The crypto community demands transparency from FairShake PAC for not supporting key advocate John Deaton.
  • Discrepancies in FairShake’s funding reveal $10 million for Adam Schiff but only $63,084 for Richie Torres.

FairShake, a notable cryptocurrency Super PAC, has come under fire for its selective backing of political candidates, particularly its omission of pro-XRP advocate John Deaton from its support roster. Despite FairShake’s substantial fundraising efforts, which amassed $160 million by May’s end, the PAC’s allocation of funds has sparked considerable debate within the crypto community.

Selective Support Raises Questions

FairShake’s financial contributions have primarily favored Democratic candidates, with 90% of its funding directed towards politicians who have not clearly supported cryptocurrency initiatives. This has incited criticism from various quarters, including Stephen Chip, co-founder of On The Chain. 

Chip highlighted the discrepancy in FairShake’s support, noting the substantial $10 million directed to Adam Schiff’s primary campaign despite Schiff’s minimal advocacy for crypto policies. Conversely, Richie Torres, a pro-crypto candidate, received a mere $63,084.

This strategic choice has puzzled and frustrated crypto enthusiasts, who view John Deaton as a pivotal ally in advancing favorable cryptocurrency regulations. Deaton, a lawyer known for representing XRP holders against the SEC, is contesting Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is recognized for her critical stance on crypto. The community’s dismay is further echoed by Yassin Mobarak, founder of Dizer Capital, who decried the PAC’s decision as “unacceptable.”

Community Calls for Clarity

The ongoing controversy has intensified demands for FairShake to provide transparency regarding its funding choices. Crypto advocates argue that supporting candidates like Deaton is crucial for nurturing a legislative environment conducive to cryptocurrency growth.

The dissatisfaction is widespread, with figures like Moonchaser, a crypto enthusiast, expressing surprise at the PAC’s decision not to back Deaton, given his significant contributions to Ripple’s defense. The calls for FairShake to realign its support reflect a broader concern about the PAC’s current strategies and their implications for the future of cryptocurrency advocacy.

Tech Billionaires Boost Crypto PAC Funding

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, co-founders of the influential venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), have each contributed an additional $12.5 million to the cryptocurrency-focused Super PAC, Fairshake. This latest personal donation brings their total individual contributions to $25 million each, culminating in a combined total of $44 million from the duo to the PAC.

Source: X

Additionally, their firm has separately injected another $25 million into Fairshake, amplifying their support for the PAC, which now stands as the leading Super PAC in terms of total funds raised. With over $175 million collected, Fairshake holds more than $100 million ready to influence the upcoming elections in the United States, positioning the PAC as a key player in the 2024 electoral process.

Recently, Jump Crypto, a Chicago-based investment firm, donated $10 million to the PAC, raising its total funds to $177 million for the 2024 elections. Consequently, Fairshake PAC now has $106 million available, making it one of the largest election funds in the U.S. This substantial contribution from Jump Crypto enhances the financial power of the industry’s campaign efforts.

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