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European giant, CoinShares, expands U.S. footprint with Valkyrie Bitcoin ETF acquisition

London-based digital asset investment firm CoinShares has made a strategic move to solidify its foothold in the US market. The company recently acquired Valkyrie Funds LLC, gaining the rights to manage the Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund, a spot Bitcoin ETF. This acquisition significantly boosts CoinShares’ Assets Under Management (AUM) to approximately $7.3 billion globally.

10 years ago, CoinShares started offering digital asset exposure to European investors through regulated products with a steadfast commitment to innovation and being first to market.

Jean-Marie Mognetti, CEO of CoinShares

Benefits of the Acquisition for CoinShares

CoinShares stands to gain several advantages from this strategic decision. Here’s a deeper look at the key points:

Increased AUM and Market Reach: Valkyrie’s $530 million AUM brings a significant boost to CoinShares’ overall portfolio. This expansion not only strengthens its presence in the US market but also solidifies its position as a major player in the global asset management sector for digital assets.

Established Platform and Expertise: By acquiring Valkyrie, CoinShares gains access to a well-established platform, industry knowledge, and a loyal user base. This not only streamlines their US expansion plans but also allows them to tap into Valkyrie’s existing expertise in navigating the regulatory landscape and developing successful investment products.

Innovation and Market Differentiation: CoinShares has a reputation for being first to market with innovative products. The acquisition of Valkyrie’s ETF framework allows them to leverage this expertise to develop a unique product line for the US market. CoinShares intends to focus on thematic asset management solutions, building upon their existing track record of innovation with products like the $WGMI (invests in companies at the forefront of the Metaverse) and $BTFX (a 2x leveraged bitcoin futures ETF).

A Global Asset Management Powerhouse

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for CoinShares’ ambitions to become a leading global asset manager in the digital asset space. The deal strengthens CoinShares’ commitment to two key areas:

Innovation: CoinShares has a long history of being first-to-market with innovative products, such as their physically-backed Bitcoin ETP (Exchange Traded Product) launched in 2014. This acquisition allows them to continue that tradition in the US, offering American investors access to cutting-edge investment vehicles within the cryptocurrency space.

Regulation: CoinShares prioritizes offering regulated digital asset investment options, ensuring security and compliance for investors. This focus on regulation is particularly important in the US market, where regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrency are still evolving. By leveraging Valkyrie’s experience in navigating the US regulatory landscape, CoinShares can ensure its products meet all compliance requirements, fostering trust and confidence among American investors.

Streamlined Operations and Brand Integration

CoinShares plans to merge Valkyrie into its existing brand structure to ensure a smooth transition and continued excellence of product offerings. Here’s a breakdown of the integration process:

Valkyrie as a CoinShares Subsidiary: Valkyrie will become a subsidiary under the CoinShares umbrella. This simplifies operations and streamlines communication for investors.

Unified Brand Identity: By summer 2024, all CoinShares products in the US will operate under a single, unified brand identity. This ensures that investors easily recognize CoinShares as the provider of their chosen investment vehicles.

Continued Growth and Leadership in Crypto

CoinShares has been a pioneer in the crypto space for the past decade, consistently offering European investors regulated digital asset investment solutions. CoinShares’ commitment to innovation and regulatory compliance positions them to capitalize on the growing interest in cryptocurrency investments, particularly within the US market.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve, CoinShares remains committed to driving innovation and growth within the digital asset investment space. This acquisition positions them to play a key role in shaping the future of this dynamic market. CoinShares can empower investors to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution with confidence and security.