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Ethereum Remains Range-Bound Around $3700 After ETF Approval: Here's Why

Ethereum Likely Headed for a Breakout To $5k

In a move that has caught the cryptocurrency world off guard, the US Securities and Exchange Commission approved the first Ethereum ETFs. This landmark decision, anticipated to propel Ethereum’s value to new heights, has left the market relatively unchanged. As of 05:41 UTC, Ethereum was trading at $3743.18, reflecting a slight decline of 0.66% over the past 24 hours. This muted response has sparked various theories among analysts and investors alike.

Market Reaction and Analyst Perspectives

The initial market reaction to the SEC’s decision was unexpectedly subdued. Leading up to the approval, speculation was rife that Ethereum’s price would surge, mirroring the bullish response Bitcoin experienced following its ETF approval earlier in the year. However, the reality has been starkly different.

Lackluster Approval

Jake Chervinsky, a prominent blockchain investor, shared his insights on X, suggesting that the SEC’s approval process was lackluster.

He noted that the approval came with robust futures/spot correlation data, yet the SEC’s statement seemed restrained, stating, Our hands are tied.” Chervinsky highlighted the absence of any direct mention of Ethereum’s status as a non-security. However, “commodity-based trust shares” were used, and the decision conspicuously avoided addressing staking.

Chervinsky further speculated that the SEC might take a cautious approach with S-1 filings, the detailed registration documents required to sell new securities. “They could go slow on the S-1s, but I don’t think they can drag it out forever. I think this is just what winning is like,” he remarked, implying that while the current situation might seem underwhelming, it is a step towards a broader acceptance of Ethereum in traditional financial markets.

The Procedural Aspect

Gabriel Shapiro of MetaLex Labs offered a different angle, focusing on the procedural aspects of the approval. He pointed out that only the 19b-4 applications were approved, not the more comprehensive S-1 filings.

The SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets granted the approval under “delegated authority,” which means a commissioner could still challenge it within the next ten days. Shapiro suggested this approach might be an attempt to obscure the political nature of the decision.

A Political Move

Shapiro also touched on the potential political motivations behind the approval, linking it to a broader strategy involving ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) regulations. He suggested that the approval might be part of a “horse trade” to advance ESG rules before a potential political shift that could see former President Trump challenge these regulations if re-elected. “Expect S-1s will not get approved anytime soon, but we’ll see,” he added, indicating a cautious outlook on further immediate advancements.

Ethereum Has a Bright Future Ahead

Despite the initial lackluster response, there are indications that Ethereum’s fortunes could soon change. Key market players have already started positioning themselves for the anticipated rise. BlackRock’s Spot Ethereum ETF has been listed on the DTCC under the ticker $ETHA.

This development is significant because Ethereum, being a deflationary asset, could see a substantial price increase as investors begin to acquire it in larger volumes.

Ethereum’s Deflationary Nature

Historically, the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January triggered a significant rally, and many believe Ethereum could follow a similar trajectory. The deflationary nature of Ethereum, combined with increased investor interest and the eventual clearing of regulatory hurdles, sets the stage for a potential price surge.

While the immediate market reaction to the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs has been unexpectedly muted, the long-term prospects remain bullish. The cautious approach of the SEC and the strategic moves by major financial institutions suggest that Ethereum’s time to shine might still be on the horizon.

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Ethereum Consolidating after ETFs Approval

Ethereum Consolidating After ETFs ApprovalSource:

Source: TradingView

Ethereum has entered a consolidation phase after a price rally days to the ETF. Ethereum is trading in a narrow range between the $3772.6 resistance and $3727.6 support. This narrow trading range is an indicator that a breakout could be underway. 

If bulls take control and push Ethereum higher, the first target to watch will be the $4062.0 monthly resistance. On the other hand, if bears take control and breach the $3727.6 support, Ethereum could test $3200, a critical weekly support level.

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Ethereum Likely to Breach $4k Soon

With the approval of the ETFs and market players like BlackRock already getting into action, the odds are high that Ethereum will break out bullish. The odds of testing $4k today are high as buying volumes rise. 

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