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Ethereum Price Prediction – Renewed ETF Optimism Could Push Ethereum To $4k This Week

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum stands out today as one of the top performers among large-cap digital assets. With a gain of 6.63% in the last 24 hours, Ethereum is currently trading at $3320, showcasing resilience in the face of regulatory uncertainty and heightened anticipation surrounding its potential ETF launch.

Consensys Leads the Chargeback Against The SEC 

This surge in Ethereum’s price follows a period of ambiguity triggered by statements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which suggested that Ethereum could be classified as a security. Despite this regulatory cloud, the SEC has received notable pushback from various quarters, including Consensys. Consensys has taken legal action against the SEC for its overreach.

Adding weight to the case is past words by the SEC chairman, who once said that Ethereum is not a security. These developments offer reassurance to Ethereum investors and enthusiasts. 

DTCC Renews Optimism For Ethereum ETF

Additionally, Ethereum has received a significant boost from more news related to its ETF. The latest is Franklin Templeton’s application to launch the Ethereum spot ETF, “FRANKLIN ETHEREUM TR ETHEREUM ETF,” which has been listed on the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) website. Of particular note is the indication in the Create/Redeem column, which shows “Y,” suggesting that the ETF is prepared for share creation and redemption. This is a crucial function for ETF trading.

While DTCC has clarified that this listing is standard practice and does not signify approval, it is a promising development for Ethereum ETFs. It reflects growing optimism within the cryptocurrency community for an Ethereum ETF. Even though the SEC holds the final authority to approve such ETFs, the deadline is extended from May 23 to June 11. 

Similar Uncertainty Played Out Ahead Of Bitcoin ETFs

The uncertainties surrounding Ethereum ETFs mirror what happened to BTC in the past before its ETFs were approved.  As such, the preparations for Ethereum ETFs instill short-term optimism for the cryptocurrency and pave the way for a potential market-wide upswing, benefiting the entire altcoin ecosystem.

Overall, Ethereum’s recent performance underscores its resilience in navigating regulatory challenges and its growing potential as a mainstream investment asset. While uncertainties persist, developments surrounding ETFs and regulatory statements offer reasons for optimism, hinting at a brighter future for Ethereum and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Ethereum Bullish Reversal Points To More Highs

After weeks in the red, Ethereum has been in a bullish reversal this week, indicating a potential shift in market dynamics. Last week, bears pushed Ethereum to a low of $2875, attempting to exert control over the market. However, their efforts were met with strong resistance, resulting in a swift rejection of these lower price levels. As a result, Ethereum closed the week at $3141.17, showcasing the resilience of bullish sentiment in the market.

This rebound has established a solid support level for Ethereum at $3141.17, which has held firm throughout the current week’s trading sessions. With Ethereum consistently trading above this support level and accompanied by substantial buying volumes, it is clear that buyer interest is on the rise.  

If buying volumes increase in the coming week, Ethereum could target $4089.91, a key multi-week resistance level. Breaking through this resistance would signify a bullish breakthrough and pave the way for Ethereum to reach its all-time highs.

However, two possible scenarios could unfold in the coming week if buying volumes drop. The first scenario involves a potential consolidation phase, with Ethereum trading between $3141.17 support and $4089.91 resistance.

On the other hand, if bears gain control of the market and breach the $3141.17 support level, Ethereum could face renewed downward pressure. In this scenario, Ethereum may revisit the $2875 level, potentially testing it as a support again.

Why Bulls Are Likely To Carry The Day 

While multiple scenarios could play out this week, the odds are higher that bulls will carry the day. The news around DTCC adding Ethereum to its website shows advanced preparation for Ethereum ETFs. This will likely drive investors into Ethereum in the coming days and weeks. It could trigger FOMO buying that could see Ethereum push through 4k soon.