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Ethereum Price Prediction – Ethereum Faces Critical Support at $3024.45 Amidst Downtrend

Ethereum has seen a slump after recent geopolitical tensions, much like the broader cryptocurrency market. The biggest altcoin by market cap is down 6.22% over the past 24 hours. As of 10:52 UTC, Ethereum was trading at $3050.12. 

Geo-Political Tensions Holding Market Down

Rising tensions between Israel and Iran have triggered this decline across the board following Sunday’s missile attacks from Iran. Financial markets globally have been thrown into uncertainty by Israel’s announcement of retaliatory measures against Iran despite international calls for restraint led by the US. 

Hong Kong Ethereum ETF Offering Critical Support For Ether

However, within this turbulence are reasons for hope about where Ethereum could be heading next. Today, an Ethereum Exchanged Traded Fund (ETF) was approved by Hong Kong regulators. This move marks a significant step towards wider adoption of ether as a cryptocurrency.

The fact that an Ethereum ETF has been given the green light in Hong Kong is particularly interesting because it means Chinese money could start flowing into Ether, which bodes well for the future growth and expansion of its markets.

Hope For US Ethereum ETF Also Adding To Support

Despite recent skepticism on this front, some optimism remains among Americans rooting for Ethereum ETFs to win stateside regulatory approval. While faith in US-based Ethereum exchange-traded funds has dwindled lately, Grayscale’s chief legal officer’s statement offers a glimmer of hope: “I don’t think perceived lack of engagement from regulators should be indicative of one outcome or another.” In other words, although there may be obstacles between regulators’ desks and an Ethereum ETF green light, they are not necessarily insurmountable. There is still a possibility of a surprise Ethereum ETF approval next month. 

Dencun Upgrade Key Value Driver Long-Term 

Furthermore, Ethereum’s recent Dencun upgrade – which reduced gas fees for layer-2 solutions by up to 99% – has the potential to increase its appeal significantly in the long term. This update tackles one of Ethereum’s perennial problems and is expected to drive up transaction volumes on the network as competitors struggle with congestion-related failures.

Bitcoin Halving Coming Up In 3-Days

Looking forward, Ethereum could also benefit from broader market dynamics, including the Bitcoin halving, which is coming up in 3-days. Historically, the Bitcoin halving has sparked a bull run across all cryptocurrencies, and Ether is well-placed to ride this wave. With its fundamentals strengthened by today’s ETF news out of Hong Kong and the impact of the recent Dencun upgrade, Ether might just come out as one of the best performers during the bitcoin-induced hype season.

Ethereum is down by over 6% today due to geopolitical reasons that have affected all financial markets. However, with the Bitcoin halving coming up in 3-days and Ethereum’s strong fundamentals, it makes for a solid cryptocurrency to buy the dip today.

Ethereum Directionless As Market Uncertainty Lingers

Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum has been on a downtrend, driven by bearish sentiment across the market. However, Ethereum has found strong support at the $3024.45 level, presenting a crucial inflection point for traders and investors alike.

If the $3024.45 support level holds, two potential scenarios could unfold throughout the day. The first scenario involves a consolidation phase between $3024.45 and a minor resistance level at $3107.76. 

Alternatively, Ethereum could break through the $3107.76 resistance level if bullish momentum prevails and bulls take control. In such a scenario, Ethereum has the potential to rally toward the next resistance level at $3280.63. A successful breach of this resistance could pave the way for further upside, with Ethereum potentially surging to $3500 or higher. It could also signal an end to the current correction phase.

Conversely, if bears maintain their momentum and breach the $3024.45 support level, Ethereum could face additional downside pressure. In this scenario, traders should closely monitor $2909, representing a significant monthly support level. A breach of this level could exacerbate selling pressure and lead to further downside movement for Ethereum in the near term.

Ethereum Price Prediction – Ethereum Direction Unclear For The Day 

Based on the broader crypto market activity, the odds are high that Ethereum could enter range-bound trading for the rest of the day. The only trigger for an upside breakout is the Bitcoin halving, which is coming up in 3-days. The good news is that the $3024.45 support holds firm, a pointer that the downside pressure could be easing up.