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Ethereum Price Eyes $4k On Hopes That ETF Listings Could Start Soon

After a sluggish week, Ethereum is now exhibiting promising signs of a potential bullish breakout. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has gained 1.45%, trading at $3,790 as of 08:56 UTC. This upward momentum puts Ethereum on the cusp of breaking through the $4,000 mark, possibly during the weekend.

Over $800 Million Worth Of ETH Moved To Cold Wallets 

One of the most significant indicators of a potential Ethereum breakout is the recent surge in whale activity. According to data from Whale Alert, a service that monitors large cryptocurrency transactions, over $800 million worth of ETH has been transferred from various exchanges to cold storage within 24 hours. This movement suggests that whales, or large investors, are accumulating ETH and holding it with a long-term perspective. Such actions typically indicate a strong belief in the asset’s future appreciation.

SEC Fast Tracking Approval Of S-1 Forms 

The rising interest in holding Ethereum can be partially attributed to recent reports that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is fast-tracking the approval process for Ethereum ETFs. Sources informed The Block that the SEC had urged prospective spot Ethereum ETF issuers to submit their amended S-1 forms by yesterday. While it might take a few weeks for these forms to become effective and for trading to commence, the accelerated timeline has fueled optimism in the market.

ETF Listing Could Start In the Coming Weeks

The journey towards the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs has made significant progress. Following the approval of the 19b-4 forms on May 23, the only remaining step is the effectiveness of the S-1 forms. The anticipation surrounding this development is high, as it would pave the way for institutional capital to flow into Ethereum through ETFs, potentially starting as early as next week. The entry of institutional investors is expected to bolster Ether’s market dynamics significantly.

Fidelity Compares Ethereum Supply To That Of Bitcoin

To grasp the potential impact of Ethereum ETFs, consider the recent analysis by Fidelity comparing the supply of Ethereum to that of Bitcoin. Fidelity highlighted that Ethereum’s supply is even scarcer than Bitcoin’s, which points to the realistic potential for Ethereum to reach Bitcoin-like price levels. As the signs of a crypto bull run intensify, this comparison adds another layer of optimism for Ethereum’s future.

Converge Of Bullish Indicators 

The convergence of these factors—whale accumulation, accelerated ETF approval processes, and comparisons to Bitcoin’s scarcity—paints a positive outlook for Ethereum. Given the current market sentiment, the odds of Ethereum reaching $4,000 over the weekend are notably high. This potential surge would mark a significant milestone for ETH, reinforcing its position as a leading cryptocurrency in the market.

As the crypto community watches these developments closely, the coming days could be pivotal for Ethereum. Retail and institutional investors are poised to witness a possible breakout that could soon set the stage for even more significant gains. The market’s response to these events will be crucial in determining the trajectory of Ethereum in the short term.

Ethereum Range Bound but Rising Buying Volumes Send Bullish Signals

ETH is trading in a narrow range between the $3893.1 resistance and $3721.1 support. If bulls can gain enough momentum to breach the $3893.1 resistance, Ethereum could rally to $4088.5 in the day or on the weekend. On the other hand, if Bears take control and breach the $3721.1 support, it could experience some correction that pushes it down to $2873.9. However, ETH could continue consolidating for the rest of the day if volumes remain low. 

Why Ethereum Could Test $4k This Weekend 

While ETH could go either way, the case for pushing through the $3893 resistance and testing $4k is high. The trigger could be news that the ETH ETFs could start trading as early as next week. It could trigger FOMO as investors anticipate a significant inflow of institutional money once the ETFs start trading. 

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