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Ethena Rallies to $1 on Season 2 Updates and Whale Accumulation

Ethena (ENA) is making notable strides in the cryptocurrency market today, rallying 4.26% in the last 24 hours. At 12:57 UTC, Ethena trades at $0.914, edging closer to the significant $1 milestone. This upward momentum is primarily driven by recent updates from the Ethena team, which were announced yesterday on X.

Season 2 Updates Ignite Investor Excitement

The updates, referred to as “Season 2,” clarify the distribution of ENA tokens and the structure of the ongoing points program.

On April 2nd, 5% of ENA’s total supply was allocated to the community following a six-week campaign. This was the first phase of the Sats Campaign, designed to reward community engagement and participation.

More Allocations Set to Rise to 15% 

According to the latest announcement, Season 2 will conclude by September 2nd or when the USDe supply hits $5 billion, whichever comes first. In response to community feedback, the Ethena team has committed to allocating a minimum of 15% of ENA’s total supply, or 2.25 billion ENA, to the overall points program distributions. 

Allocations Could Rise to 20% 

This figure could increase to 20% depending on the growth of USDe and governance decisions. This allocation includes the 5% already distributed, with at least an additional 10% set aside for future programs, including the active Sats Campaign.

The Ethena team emphasized that market conditions might influence users’ decisions on whether to interact with ecosystem integrations using USDe or stake directly within the Ethena protocol in sUSDe. However, they reassured the community that users engaging with ecosystem integrations should not be at a disadvantage by the end of the current season.

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Anticipation for Upcoming Airdrop

Investor enthusiasm is also fueled by the announcement of an upcoming $ETHENA airdrop. According to the Ethena website, users can double their allocations by completing a series of alpha quests, with the first quest ending in just 48 hours. This has created a buzz among the Ethena community, encouraging increased participation and engagement.

Whale Accumulation Signals Confidence

Another significant factor contributing to Ethena’s rally is whale accumulation. A recent tweet by LookonChain revealed that three whales received a total of 54.31 million ENA, valued at $45.6 million.

This substantial investment indicates strong confidence in Ethena’s future potential and drives a wave of FOMO (fear of missing out) among retail investors.

The whale activity is particularly noteworthy as it points to the underlying value and potential growth of Ethena. Large-scale purchases often signal positive future performance, attracting more investors and increasing prices.

Market Conditions Favor Ethena

The broader cryptocurrency market is experiencing bullish momentum, further supporting Ethena’s upward trajectory. While many cryptocurrencies struggle to regain their previous highs, Ethena is showing resilience and strength. The combination of strategic updates from the Ethena team, upcoming airdrop incentives, and significant whale accumulation creates a conducive environment for Ethena to continue its ascent.

Ethena Forms a Bullish Flag Pattern Indicating a Possible Breakout

 Ethena Forms A Bullish Flag Pattern Indicating A Possible Breakout

Source: Binance

After a parabolic rally in April, Ethena has been trending lower, but bears seem to be losing momentum. This has seen Ethena form a flag-like pattern, usually followed by a bullish breakout. Ethena has already been sending bullish signals, and in the last 24 hours, it has gained significant upside momentum. If bulls sustain this momentum, Ethena could hit $1 in the coming hours. 

On the other hand, if bulls lose momentum, Ethena could consolidate around the $0.84 support level. If bears take control and breach the $0.84 support, Ethena could drop to around $0.66.

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Ethena Likely to Hit $1 This Weekend 

Of the scenarios that could play out this weekend, the odds are high that Ethena will keep heading higher. The confluence of positive factors, such as whale buying, and the latest updates could push Ethena to $1 this weekend and higher prices in the coming days or weeks. 

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