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EGO Crypto Price Prediction

EGO is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies today, outperforming most of the large cap cryptocurrencies by a huge margin. At the time of going to press, EGO, is up by 39% to trade at $0.09577. 

EGO is the crypto token of the Paysenger, a platform that brings together content creators and their fans in a decentralized environment. In this fast-rising platform for content creators to express themselves without fear of censorship, the EGO token is the primary currency for transactions.

EGO tokens are used to pay creators for exclusive content, and also as a way to tip them for their good works. This means unlike a lot of tokens in the market today, EGO has an actual use case that could play a role in driving up the value of the token of time. 

Besides the strong use case that EGO has, as the native token for a fast-rising decentralized social media platform, there is a lot that could see it continue to outperform the market in coming days. One of them is that the cryptocurrency market is currently entering a bullish cycle ahead of the Bitcoin halving. This has seen investors start taking positions in altcoins that show potential for parabolic returns on investments. 

Perfect Tokenomics And Low Market Cap 

Among the key factors that are increasingly important to investors is the market cap.  The higher the market cap of a cryptocurrency, the odds are that, the gains even in an all-out bull market. On the other hand, a low cap cryptocurrency can easily do 1000X or more in gains in a bull market. 

This explains why there is growing interest in EGO as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. EGO only has a market capitalization of $5.4 million. With analysts expecting the total market capitalization of the crypto market to hit $10 trillion or more this year, the odds are that EGO could at some point hit a $1 billion market capitalization. 

However, it is not just the low market cap that makes EGO attractive. There is also the fact that the tokenomics are right. EGO has a circulating supply of only 56 million tokens, and a total supply of 323 million. These are low token numbers in a market where some tokens have supply in the trillions.

This makes EGO a potentially high return cryptocurrency to buy today because even a price surge to $10 or more can be attained without necessitating an unrealistic market capitalization. This may explain the growing interest in EGO today, and as FOMO builds up, the odds are that even more investments will flow into EGO. 

Strong Community 

EGO is also benefiting from the fact that it has a strong presence on social media. This is quite evident in the fact that, as the price surges, EGO has become one of the top trending cryptocurrencies in the market today. With such a strong community behind it, the continued price surge could see EGO easily emerge as one of the top cryptocurrencies that are likely to keep doing well as bullish momentum builds up across the market. 

EGO’s potential is also driven by the fact that investors can buy its top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges. Anyone looking to buy EGO can easily do so through ByBit and KuCoin. EGO is also available on top DEXs such as PancakeSwap.

In the section below, we do an EGO price prediction to try and determine how it could trade for the remainder of the day, now that bullish momentum around the token is on the rise. 

EGO Crypto Price Prediction 

When going to press, EGO was trading at $0.09804, up by 45% to hit a market capitalization of $5.54 million. The daily trading volumes for EGO have also shot up by 48% to $6.155 million. 

EGO Crypto Price Prediction

EGO is currently in a breakout after hitting slight resistance at $0.093 in the day. This has happened with high buying volumes, indicating that bulls are firmly in control. With EGO now among the top trending cryptocurrencies today, this momentum is likely to continue today. This places EGO on course to hit prices above $0.10 in the day.  Such a move is supported by the fact that the broader market is currently bullish, and investors are buying more into cryptos that are showing strong potential.