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Dogecoin Price Prediction As Dogecoin Ordinals Could Propel DOGE Price To $1 Soon

The cryptocurrency market remains uncertain following the Federal Reserve’s decision to maintain high interest rates throughout 2024. Despite this, Bitcoin has stabilized, creating a foundation that might support other cryptocurrencies. Among these, Dogecoin stands out as a potential candidate for significant growth due to recent enhancements in its ecosystem and core metrics.

Dogecoin Gaining Adoption In Payments

Dogecoin’s developer team recently announced a new wallet designed to simplify the integration of Dogecoin into business systems. This advancement could be pivotal in increasing Dogecoin’s payment adoption, a sentiment echoed by Elon Musk’s hints about potentially accepting Dogecoin in his various enterprises. These developments have already built optimism around Dogecoin, but the latest updates might be the most impactful.

PawPort Introduces Dogecoin Ordinals

Yesterday, DappRadar released a blog post revealing that Dogecoin ordinals, or “Doginals,” could soon dominate the market. The post explained that Dogecoin, Dogecoin’s smart contract layer, has introduced PawPort—a bridge that allows Doginals to move between chains seamlessly. This bridge enhances the liquidity of Doginals but also enables their trading on decentralized exchanges.

Ordinals To Expand Dogecoin’s Capabilities

Dogecoin’s journey began as a simple meme cryptocurrency, but the introduction of Dogechain added a smart contract layer that significantly expanded its capabilities. Following Bitcoin Ordinals’ footsteps, Dogecoin launched Doginals in late 2023. This feature allows users to inscribe the smallest unit of DOGE, known as a “shibe,” with rich data, adhering to the DRC20 standard. This innovation supports the creation of fungible and non-fungible tokens, broadening Dogecoin’s use cases.

The launch of PawPort marks a significant milestone. By facilitating the transfer of DRC20 tokens from Dogecoin to Dogechain, PawPort offers near-instantaneous on-and-off ramp services, significantly improving the liquidity of these tokens. Users can now trade their DRC20 tokens on decentralized exchanges like QuickSwap, enhancing their accessibility and utility within the broader DeFi ecosystem.

 Building A More Versatile Dogecoin Ecosystem

The DRC20 protocol, inspired by Bitcoin Ordinals, allows the minor units of DOGE to be inscribed with various types of data, including images. This capability has sparked creativity within the Dogecoin community, creating numerous Doginals tokens and non-fungible assets. With the PawPort bridge, these assets can be transferred to Dogechain, integrating them into a more connected and versatile ecosystem.

PawPort’s ability to bridge Doginals from Dogecoin to Dogechain is a game-changer. It enables users to move their assets into the more dynamic and scalable Dogechain environment, where they can participate in DeFi and trade on various marketplaces. This functionality positions Dogechain as a robust scaling solution while enhancing the utility of Doginals, allowing them to compete with other meme coins enabled with smart contracts.

Dogecoin Ordinals’ Perfect Timing

The introduction of PawPort and the increased utility of Doginals came at a time when meme coins were a significant trend in the crypto market. The enhanced functionality and liquidity provided by PawPort could lead to a surge in the creation and trading of Dogecoin-based meme coins, potentially driving up Dogecoin’s market value. Investors’ growing interest in meme coins further supports this optimistic outlook for Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is experiencing a minor decline, down by 0.42%, and trading at $0.143 as of 08:58 UTC. However, with these recent developments and the overall bullish sentiment towards meme coins, Dogecoin is well-positioned for a potential parabolic rise once the market conditions improve.

Dogecoin Still Trading Within Multi-Month Range But Fundamentals Bullish

Dogecoin Still Trading Within Multi-Month Range But Fundamentals Bullish

Source: TradingView

Dogecoin continues trading in a multi-month range between the $0.174 resistance and $0.129 support. If bulls take control and push Dogecoin through the $0174 resistance, then DOGE could easily hit a high of $0.22 in the coming days. On the other hand, if bears take control and push DOGE through the $0.129 support, a selloff could ensue and push DOGE to a low of $0.083 in the short term.

Why A Bullish Breakout Could Be Underway

While Dogecoin price could break up or down, the odds are high for a bullish breakout. Bitcoin’s resilience in a high-interest environment coupled with Dogecoin’s vital news, such as the Doginals, could drive investor interest in Dogecoin both short and long term. 

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