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CORE Price Prediction As CORE Downtrend Puts $0.78 Support in Focus

CORE Bearish but Strengthening Fundamentals Could Trigger Rebound

Core (CORE) has been on a downtrend throughout this week, down by 10%. However, recent movements suggest a potential turnaround. At 10:01 UTC, CORE traded at $1.42, reflecting a 2.27% increase. These short-term price changes and overall weakness in the week are mainly due to Bitcoin’s performance.

Bitcoin’s failure to maintain the $65,000 support level has significantly impacted the altcoin market, including CORE. Despite this, several promising developments within CORE could soon drive its value upward.

Launch of Bitcoin Yield-bearing ETP in Germany

One of the significant updates for CORE is the launch of a Bitcoin Yield-bearing Exchange Traded Product (ETP) in Germany. Yesterday, CORE announced that it has partnered with DeFi Technologies’ subsidiary, Valour Inc., to introduce and issue exchange-traded products for yield-bearing Bitcoin to German investors. This initiative aims to expand the global usage of both Bitcoin and CORE. The new Valour Bitcoin Staking ETP operates on the Börse Frankfurt Exchange and offers investors the chance to gain exposure to Bitcoin’s potential growth while earning an annual yield of 5.65%.

Staking Mechanism and Investor Benefits

The product utilizes the CORE blockchain and employs a non-custodial staking mechanism that rewards participants with CORE tokens. Over 3,000 BTC have already been staked with CORE, establishing it as a platform that defines the “Bitcoin risk-free rate.” These staked tokens are reinvested to generate yield, allowing investors to benefit without selling or trading their Bitcoin. This ETP redefines Bitcoin’s role in the digital asset space by offering a secure way for investors to engage with Bitcoin’s growth potential while providing a new investment opportunity. Marco Infuso, Chief Sales Officer of Valour Inc., emphasized the significance of this ETP for investors.

Advancements in Bitcoin DeFi with CoreX

Additionally, CORE is advancing in the Bitcoin DeFi space through its flagship decentralized exchange, CoreX. The CORE team recently highlighted that CoreX provides users a superior trading environment through its intuitive design and comprehensive toolkits. Utilizing the Uni V3 infrastructure, CoreX addresses critical issues such as liquidity shortages and slippage while integrating AI technology to create a dynamic social trading hub.

Enhanced Trading Experience

CoreX aims to improve the traditional decentralized exchange experience by offering a user-friendly trading platform with advanced real-time charting tools, technical indicators, and drawing tools for in-depth analysis. These features are handy for traders who wish to share their insights on social media. 

The platform also provides detailed information about each trade, including realized profits or losses, making it easy for users to understand and access essential data. CoreX plans to introduce customization options that allow traders to personalize their trading environment using a simple drag-and-drop interface to meet their specific needs.

Strategic Investment by HTX Ventures

HTX Ventures’ strategic investment in CoreX further underscores the platform’s potential. HTX Ventures recognizes CoreX’s commitment to user experience and its innovative use of social and AI technologies to provide a superior trading environment. This investment is expected to significantly advance CORE’s DeFi development, leveraging HTX Ventures’ resources and strengths to drive growth within the Core ecosystem.

Core Future Prospects and Technical Analysis

CORE price chart
Source: TradingView

Despite the current market pressures, CORE’s prospects remain strong. Technically, the coin has broken the $1.46 weekly support level following last week’s price correction, indicating a potential for further decline. It could move towards the $0.786 multi-month support if the correction continues.

However, considering the ongoing developments within the CORE ecosystem and the expected Bitcoin rally soon, CORE is essentially in a buy zone between $1.46 and $0.786.

Possible Upside For CORE Incoming

While CORE is experiencing a downtrend in line with the broader cryptocurrency market, its long-term outlook remains optimistic. The increasing institutional adoption, innovative product launches like the Bitcoin Yield-bearing ETP, and advancements in decentralized finance through CoreX highlight CORE’s potential for significant growth. The odds of a rebound to $2 or more are high, especially if Bitcoin turns bullish and breaks back above $70k.

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