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Centrifuge Price Prediction – Why CFG Could Double Over The Weekend

Centrifuge is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies today, when most of the market is showing signs of consolidation. In the last 24 hours, centrifuge trading volumes have been on the rise and, when going to press, were up by 2.42%, hitting a high of $12.23 million.

Centrifuge is one of the top cryptocurrencies that will likely be in the spotlight as the real-world asset tokenization narrative takes shape. Centrifuge brings together the fast-growing world of DeFi and connects it with the real-world asset tokenization space. The idea is to make tokenizing real-world assets so easy and cost-effective that even small and medium-sized enterprises can tokenize their assets and benefit from the increased liquidity that comes with it. 

Companies that choose to tokenize through Centrifuge also benefit from the potential to borrow against their assets on the blockchain. This is done using the tokens from their real-world assets as collateral to borrow through the Tinlake DeFi protocol.  Holders of Centrifuge tokens also enjoy a passive income just from holding the token, money that usually comes from the fees generated from using its DeFi protocol.

The Real-World Asset Tokenization Narrative Is Getting Stronger

While all these core metrics are a reason to believe in Centrifuge as a long-term investment, other factors could see Centrifuge gain by double-digit percentages throughout the weekend. One of these is the ongoing narrative that the future of finance lies in asset tokenization. This narrative is being driven by BlackRock, whose founder and CEO, Larry Fink, recently stated that the future is in the tokenization of everything. BlackRock even has a target of $5 trillion in tokenized assets. Such talk has seen the market increasingly get excited about cryptocurrencies already in the asset tokenization space. 

Prove to this is in Centrifuge’s price action throughout the week. In the last seven days, Centrifuge has gained by 52% and is still building upside momentum. As FOMO continues to build up around real-world asset tokenization, Centrifuge could see its price hit new highs quickly. Buying volumes are already on the rise, an indicator that the underlying demand for this token is strong and that another bullish wave could be underway. 

Centrifuge Has A Low Market Cap 

Centrifuge also has another advantage that not many cryptos, even the real-world asset tokenization space, have, and that’s a low market cap. This crypto currently has a market cap of $462.239 million. That’s tiny in a market where meme coins that can’t match Centrifuge in fundamentals have billion-dollar market caps. This means Centrifuge has a lot of room to grow, especially now that all the market attention is focused on real-world asset tokenization. At the same time, Centrifuge’s token supply is quite low.

Centrifuge has a circulating token supply of 471,226,679. This is quite low by crypto standards and gives room for Centrifuge to hit a couple of billions in market capitalization in a short time. This makes Centrifuge one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies to buy today. 

Investors also love that Centrifuge is easily accessible to the average investor. Centrifuge is easily available on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as OKX, Kraken, and Gate.io. This adds to the upside momentum because as FOMO builds up, it is easy for new money to flow into Centrifuge and help drive up the price quickly. 

In the section below, we make a Centrifuge price prediction to try and determine how it could trade now that market attention is increasingly turning towards real-world asset tokenization cryptocurrencies. 

Centrifuge Price Prediction – Why Another Bull Rally Is Underway 

When going to press, Centrifuge was trading at $0.9852%, up by 4.30% on the day. Trading volumes were also up by 4.46% to hit $12.422 million. 

Centrifuge Price Prediction

From the chart above, Centrifuge is in a rebound after a bounce off the $0.9458 support earlier in the day. If bulls sustain this momentum and push through the $0.9977 resistance, then prices as high as $2 could be hit over the weekend. 

Many factors support such a move, including the rising FOMO around Real-world asset tokenization-related cryptocurrencies. Being one of the better-known cryptocurrencies in this space, the odds favor a price rally going into the weekend.