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BtcTurk Faces Cyberattack, Hot Wallets Compromised


  • BtcTurk’s cold wallets remain secure, ensuring the safety of user funds after the cyberattack.
  • The breach affected hot wallets of ten cryptocurrencies, but financial losses are manageable.
  • BtcTurk has temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals while investigating the attack.

Turkish cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk experienced a significant cyberattack on June 22, compromising hot wallets of ten different cryptocurrencies. Despite the breach, BtcTurk has reassured its users that most funds remain safe in cold wallets and that user assets will not be affected.

BtcTurk’s Swift Response to Cyber Attack

The attack led to unauthorized withdrawals, but BtcTurk acted quickly to control the situation. The exchange confirmed that only hot wallets were affected, while most user assets stored in cold wallets remained secure. BtcTurk temporarily suspended all cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals to prevent further unauthorized access.

BtcTurk’s management emphasized that the financial impact of the attack is within manageable limits. They assured users that their assets are safe and that the platform’s strong financial position allowed it to absorb any losses without affecting user funds.

Comprehensive Investigation Launched

Following the attack, BtcTurk initiated a thorough investigation to determine the breach’s origins and mechanics. The exchange closely works with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with all legal procedures. This collaboration aims to address the current incident and enhance security measures to prevent future cyber threats.

BtcTurk has temporarily halted all cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals to protect user funds further. The exchange is dedicating significant resources to restoring full functionality to its platform as soon as possible. Users will be updated on the progress and any changes in their transaction status.

Hacker’s Activities Traced to Major Exchanges

However, blockchain wallet researcher Anil on X revealed how the hacker stole AVAX tokens from BtcTurk and converted them to Bitcoin on Coinbase and Binance, accumulating approximately 709 BTC (about 45 million USD). The cryptocurrency community and law enforcement monitor the stolen Bitcoins held in two wallets.

The first wallet address associated with the stolen Bitcoin is bc1q7pkc7h8td55s4em7tmlvd42wahjd4hm8lf035n, and the second is bc1qezradgkklz3gczk9jjzn922ye7pgj4yd9pnupv. The community’s vigilance and cooperation with authorities aim to track and potentially recover the stolen funds.

BtcTurk expressed gratitude for its users’ understanding and patience during this challenging time. The exchange reaffirmed its dedication to user safety and satisfaction, promising to implement all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents. Continuous improvements to the platform’s security infrastructure are a top priority, reflecting BtcTurk’s commitment to providing a secure trading environment.

Orbit Chain Hacker Transfers $48M to Tornado Cash

Recently, Crypto2Community reported that the hacker responsible for the $82 million Orbit Chain exploit has resurfaced, transferring approximately $48 million after months of inactivity. Following the New Yearโ€™s Eve hack, the stolen funds had remained stationary.ย 

However, on June 8, the hacker moved 12,932 ETH, valued at $47.7 million, across seven transactions to a new address. Subsequently, these funds were funneled into the cryptocurrency privacy mixer Tornado Cash, effectively obscuring their trail. This significant movement marks the hacker’s first activity in nearly half a year, reigniting concerns about fund recovery.

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