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BONK Rally Puts $0.00004523 Highs In Focus
  • Bonk possibly to be listed on Revolut potentially adding 500k users
  • The listing could include an airdrop
  • Momentum is building up on expectation of this airdrop

Bonk (BONK) is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies today, up 13% in the last 24 hours. As of 09:57 GMT+3, Bonk was trading at $0.00001429. Trading volumes are also rising, up 152% in the day to stand at $210 million.

This comes on the strength of news that Revolut, a European fintech, could be looking to list Bonk. The listing is part of an initiative by Bonk to create more cryptocurrency awareness through a learn-and-earn campaign with a funding of $1.2 million.

The campaign is the idea of the Bonk DAO, and entails the distribution of 93 billion BONK tokens, with a goal of onboarding at least 500k people to BONK. Given Revolut’s huge user base of 38 million people, the project is expected to succeed. 

The initiative is expected to be done in two stages. The first stage is listing BONK on Revolut and letting it grow organically for about two months. The second stage would entail launching a learn-and-earn campaign that will help drive the understanding of BONK and, by extension, increase the level of investment in this fast-growing Solana meme coin.

An Airdrop?

However, this is just part of why investors are excited about the listing of Bonk on Revolut. Even bigger news about the Bonk listing is expected to include an airdrop of Bonk Tokens.

Recently, cryptocurrencies that have done airdrops have seen exponential value growth. This has been driven by a clamor by investors to earn free tokens that they can dispose of later now that bulls are in control of the market. 

As such, now that the Revolut listing is speculated to include an airdrop, Bonk could be up for more gains. Such speculation is given weight by the fact that the Bonk DAO holds tokens worth more than $158 million, which means an airdrop would not be something hard to achieve. 

The ongoing Bonk rally is driven by a possible upcoming Revolut listing and the speculation that the listing could also include an airdrop.

Bonk Price Forming Higher Lows, A Signal Of Rising Bullish Momentum

Bonk Price Forming Higher Lows

Bonk’s price is currently forming higher lows, indicating rising bullish momentum. 

In the last 24 hours, Bonk has been making higher lows, an indicator that every slight dip in the price is quickly being bought up.

If this trend continues, and Bonk makes a strong bounce of its latest low of $0.00001414, the price could significantly jump in the day. In such a scenario, prices above $0.00002 could be tested within the day.

However, if bulls fail and Bonk drops below the $0.0000414, then two scenarios could follow. The first is a possible consolidation that could see Bonk trade between $0.000014 resistance and $0.00001332 as key support. 

On the other hand, if Bonk short sellers take control and push Bonk through the $0.00001332 support, then prices below $0.00001216 could be tested within the day.  

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Why Bonk Could Be Up For 1000% Gains Or More

While the three scenarios described above are possible,  the case for a strong bullish breakout for Bonk is quite strong. That’s because, besides the upcoming Revolut listing, there is also speculation that the listing will include an airdrop. This is quite a big deal, considering the FOMO that comes with airdrops. With this FOMO buying already building up for Bonk, confirmation of such an airdrop could see Bonk easily rally by 1000% on more in the coming days.  

Bonk’s odds of a strong surge in price are also enhanced by the increased bullish momentum in the crypto market. Bitcoin recently hit the $1 trillion market cap and continues to gain upside momentum. With it has come an increased interest in altcoins, showing the strongest signs of beating Bitcoin in an all-out bull market. 

Bonk, with the upcoming listing that could see it gain over 500k users in Europe, places it at the forefront among the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. 

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