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BlastUp $4 million funding underlines growth of Cryptos

As we approach Bitcoin’s halving event, many are wondering which cryptocurrencies might see a big price jump. These halving events have previously triggered price hikes for certain coins. This article will focus on five cryptocurrencies that could potentially see a great increase in value before the next Bitcoin halving takes place.

BlastUp launchpad’s impressive fundraising

In just a few weeks BlastUp raised an impressive $4 million. Eager investors are jumping to grab BlastUP tokens before their price shoots up. By owning these tokens, you can get involved in an Airdrop event, receive unique loyalty rewards for joining IDOs, and make extra money through staking.

Supported by Blast, one of the biggest blockchains, BlastUP is a platform designed to launch DApp start-ups. BlastUP aims to advance blockchain start-ups quickly. If you join BlastUP today, you will be part of a project with huge potential for success in the current bullish market.


Optimism’s price has been correcting after impressive growth over the past half-year. Right now, it’s moving between $3.49 and $3.96. Last week, it fell by 15.89% and was down by 21.04% over the past month.

Despite this, it has seen a strong increase of 136.51% in the past six months. The current price is below important resistance and support levels, leaning more toward the closest support at $3.30.

The future price of Optimism could fluctuate as the market adjusts to its recent rise. The coin’s closeness to its support level might suggest possible recoveries, while the hurdles posed by resistance at $4.24 and $4.71 could hamper further growth. Key indicators like the RSI, Stochastic, and MACD will importantly influence Optimism’s short—to medium-term trends by showing the balance of buying and selling pressures.


Avalanche (AVAX) has had quite a ride in the past half-year, leaping up by 341.12%. The price rose by 9.08% in the previous month but took a 13.05% dip last week.

As of now, AVAX trades between $51.34 and $58.12. It appears to be in a price adjustment phase following a recent high. The neutral current RSI value suggests no drastic changes in price shortly.

AVAX has the potential to grow if it can overcome the obstacle at $62.13 and even more so if it surpasses the higher hurdle at $68.91. However, without a boost in buying, its value could slide to the closer safety net at $48.57 or perhaps the lower one at $41.79. A high Stochastic figure of 84.48 suggests the price might pause slightly.

Lately, AVAX’s progress has been a mix of ups and downs, and this trend could continue for a while.

Aptos and Solana

Aptos (APT) has had quite an active market trend recently. Currently, its price fluctuates between $15.46 and $19.02. Over a week, its value dropped around 19%, but when looked at it from a monthly perspective, there’s about an 18% increase.

From six months back, the coin experienced a big jump, growing over 167%. The coin’s price changes quickly, suggesting that the market for APT is quite volatile.

Recent trends point towards a potential rise, with APT possibly reaching a resistance level at $20.97 and maybe even $24.53 if it gains momentum. However, if sellers dominate the market, there could be a drop in value, with APT touching support levels at $13.84 or even lower at $10.28.

Solana’s price has fluctuated recently, ranging between $187.30 and $210.62. This past week, its value fell slightly by 0.46%, but it climbed 39.08% in the last month.

Its growth has been remarkable over the last six months, rising 691.63%. Currently, prices appear to be adjusting, with the Relative Strength Index around 49.18, suggesting an even playing field between buyers and sellers.

Solana (SOL) is not far from hitting a resistance level of $218.61 and could even reach $241.93. If prices fall, support lies near $171.97 and then $148.65. Due to mixed signals from Stochastic and MACD, indicators suggest being watchful.