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Bitcoin’s Price Dip Explained: Expert Identifies One Condition to Prevent BTC from Hitting $61,100

Bitcoin (BTC) has been at the forefront of the wild market dip, ravaging the crypto market. Notedly, the coin has retraced below the $67,000 price mark, which was a potent support for the token. Currently, it is heading towards breaking below $65,000.

At press time, Bitcoin’s price statistics on CoinGecko revealed the pioneer crypto asset price to be about $66,200, mirroring a slight 1.4% decline. Aside from hitting a subtle 24-hour price drop, Bitcoin’s 7-day-to-date and month-to-date statistics also recorded drops of approximately 4.6% and 0.2%, respectively.

Source: CoinGecko

A Break Below $65,000 Is Imminent, With Possible Implications

Strikingly, the flagship cryptocurrency’s 24-hour and 7-day price range indicated minimum and maximum price ranges of about $65,018.89 – $67,265.23 and $65,018.89 – $70,026.24, respectively, implying that BTC is currently testing a drop below $65,000, as earlier asserted in this insight.

The implication of breaking below $65,000 will result in BTC declining further and possibly breaking below $60,000, with gross negative impacts on the overall crypto market outlook.

Amid the not-too-impressive outlook, Ali Martinez, a renowned market expert, has waded into the topic, citing possible reasons for Bitcoin’s price dip and also stating the only condition that will prevent BTC from dropping below $61,000.

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Miners’ Role In Bitcoin’s Price Dip

According to Martinez, Bitcoin miners might have played a role in Bitcoin’s price dip courtesy of their recent sell-off actions. In a recent tweet, Martinez noted that miners had completed the sales of about 1,200 BTC valued at an estimated $79.2 million.

Based on mathematical evaluation, 1,200 Bitcoin at an estimated $79.2 million total worth implies that the miners sold their Bitcoin holdings at average prices of $66,000. The sell-offs, particularly at $66,000, will assist in eliminating scarcity, one of the coin’s price surge main inducers. Hence, it explains why Martinez highlighted Miners’ sell-offs as possible price decline drivers.

Whale Actions Contributing To Bitcoin’s Price Dip

Aside from miners’ actions, whales’ actions have not supported Bitcoin’s price ascent as they seem to be selling rather than accumulating despite the dwindling market trajectory that offers investors the opportunity to procure BTC at discounted prices.

Per Martinez, On-chain data from Santiment disclosed that in the past ten days, whale investors have sold off approximately 50,000 BTC valued at about $3.30 billion. The summed-up Amount implies that the whales also traded their Bitcoin tokens at a similar $66,000 average price.

Only Condition That Can Keep BTC Above $61,100

In another tweet, Martinez identified the only condition sustaining BTC above the $61,000 price level. According to the market analyst, Bitcoin must revisit $66,254 as soon as possible to avoid further declines that could culminate in a plunge below $61,100.

BTC’s current $66,200 selling price is slightly higher than Martinez’s spotlighted mark. Hence, it implies that Bitcoin’s further declines will not be happening anything soon.

On The Flip Side

Considering the different instances highlighted in this insight, it is relatively safe to claim that BTC is experiencing more sell-offs than accumulation. However, recent data by Ali Martinez seem to counter the claims.

The new statistics revealed that the “BTC Taker Buy Sell Ratio” on HTX Global has skyrocketed to 545, indicating a dominant buying action. “This spike in buy pressure indicates bullish sentiment, suggesting an upward BTC price movement could be on the horizon,” Martinez added.

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