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Bitcoin reaches $47K as crypto market nears $1.76 trillion

Bitcoin’s value has surpassed $45K, now at $47K. This leading cryptocurrency grew over 10 percent in the past week. Experts see this as a lead-up to the halving event.

Bitcoin’s price rise is boosting other major cryptocurrencies. This growth has pushed the global cryptocurrency market to $1.76 trillion.

While the 2021 crypto bull run opened numerous investment doors, the anticipated 2024 rally also promises opportunities. However, selecting profitable assets becomes more challenging.

This challenge is evident in the digital real estate sector of the crypto market. Here, the focus is shifting towards utility, tokenization, and scalability. These areas, especially the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs), are gaining momentum.

Landshare leads in tokenizing real estate

Landshare ($LAND) is leading in tokenizing real estate. It streamlines property investments in the U.S. and offers good annual yields. The Landshare RWA token represents real estate ownership on the blockchain. Each RWA token corresponds to a Landshare real estate unit.

The $LAND token is used for transactions on Landshare’s platform. Landshare has sold three tokenized properties via blockchain. This is an achievement its rivals haven’t matched. Yet, its market capitalization is lower than competitors. The $LAND token is valued at $5 million, indicating possible undervaluation.

The $LAND token is now at $1.2, down 0.5 percent in 24 hours. However, it surged nearly 100% over the past year. With growing interest in tokenization, $LAND has a lot of growth potential. If it reaches its all-time high of $12 again, it could see a tenfold growth.

Uniswap remains the go-to DEX

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are gaining favor, especially after issues with major centralized exchanges. Uniswap ($UNI), a top DEX, stands to benefit from this shift.

Uniswap, operating on Ethereum, uses an automated liquidity protocol. This setup allows direct user-to-user cryptocurrency trading. Its core feature is liquidity pools, where users pool assets and earn fees proportionally.

The Uniswap ecosystem uses the $UNI token. It grants governance rights for protocol decisions and incentivizes participation. $UNI is integral to Uniswap’s decentralized, community-driven nature.

Currently, $UNI is trading at $6.2, up over three percent in 24 hours. Despite an eight percent value drop this year, the upcoming rally could favor $UNI. The community anticipates it could surpass its $44 high, a potential 800 percent growth.

Arbitrum offers scaling solutions

As blockchain technology continues to evolve and find new applications, the demand for effective scaling solutions becomes increasingly crucial. Arbitrum ($ARB), a prominent layer 2 scaling solution, is positioned to play a significant role in this landscape. Its primary function is to enhance the scalability and efficiency of Ethereum.

Arbitrum achieves this by processing transactions off the main Ethereum chain. It handles transactions off-chain and later submits them to Ethereum in batches. This innovative approach significantly reduces network congestion and lowers gas costs, making Ethereum more user-friendly and efficient for a wide range of applications.

The $ARB token serves multiple purposes. Its primary role is in governance, allowing token holders to actively participate in making key decisions and proposals. This process ensures that Arbitrum’s development and operation remain decentralized and driven by community consensus.

The $ARB tokens are also used for staking within the network. This staking mechanism contributes to the security and integrity of the Arbitrum network. The token also facilitaes transaction fee payments for users engaging with decentralized applications (dApps) and services on the network. The token is trading at $1.83, a four percent increase in the last 24 hours.

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