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Bitcoin Price Slips to $55K as Mt. Gox Transfers $2.7 Billion in BTC


  • Mt. Gox transferred 47,229 BTC worth $2.7 billion to an unknown wallet, intensifying market concerns.
  • The German government continues to sell Bitcoin, adding to the downward pressure on the crypto market.
  • Bitcoin liquidations surged to nearly $200 million in 24 hours, echoing the FTX collapse impact.

Bitcoin prices have plummeted to $55,000 as significant sell-offs by Mt. Gox and the German government continue to impact the market. Mt. Gox, the collapsed Japanese crypto exchange, transferred 47,229 BTC worth $2.7 billion to an unidentified wallet, exacerbating concerns about declining cryptocurrency prices.

According to blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence, the transfer occurred on July 5, following several test transactions valued at less than $27. This move marks Mt. Gox’s first major transaction since May and comes amid its plan to begin repaying creditors. This month, the exchange will disburse approximately 142,000 BTC and 143,000 Bitcoin Cash to its 127,000 creditors.

Massive Sell-Offs and Market Impact

Besides the Mt. Gox transfers, the German government’s repeated sale of Bitcoin from its reserves has contributed to the market’s downturn. The government began transferring seized assets to its wallet six months ago, selling hundreds of millions of Bitcoins recently. This action stems from a 2020 seizure of nearly 50,000 BTC from the illegal streaming site Movie2k to operators. Initially worth around $2 billion, these assets were confiscated as part of an investigation into the site’s activities, including distributing pirated films and laundering the proceeds.

On Wednesday, approximately 1,300 BTC worth $75.5 million were sent to exchanges such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Kraken. This move added to concerns that prices could head lower. In response, Tron Founder Justin Sun offered to buy Germany’s remaining BTC funds off-exchange to preserve market sentiment and stop the global dip.

Joana Cotar, a member of the German parliament, urged the government to stop selling its Bitcoin shares and instead hold them as a strategic reserve currency. Despite this, the government’s ongoing sales have put significant pressure on the market, contributing to the current downturn.

Reimbursements and Market Volatility

The ongoing reimbursements by Mt. Gox have also contributed to the market’s volatility. The exchange’s bankruptcy estate transferred billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin, raising concerns about how creditors will handle their newly received assets. Most reimbursed holders seem to be selling their returned BTC shares, adding to the market’s bearish trend.

Bitcoin investors are anxious about the impact of these sales on the cryptocurrency’s price. The recent transfers and ongoing liquidations have led to Bitcoin’s price volatility, with bears gaining the upper hand.

Data from Coinglass shows that Bitcoin liquidations in the last 24 hours have reached nearly $200 million. In the past 24 hours, 232,860 traders were liquidated, for a total of $672 million. This liquidation spike is reminiscent of the impact of the FTX collapse, marking the highest liquidations since that event.

Mt. Gox’s Market Impact

The recent developments have painted a grim picture for the crypto market. The total crypto market cap has dropped to $2 trillion, marking a decline of more than 8% in the past 24 hours, while the trading volume has gained 30% at $112.42 billion.ย 

Bitcoin’s price has crashed another 7.55% in the last 24 hours, slipping under $55,000, according to data from CoinMarket Cap. The drop brings the weekly and monthly declines to 11% and 23%, respectively. The market cap and trading volume are at $1.07 trillion and $48 billion, respectively.

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