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Bitcoin Price Prediction As Analysts split on Bitcoin’s fate to rally to $44,000 or drop to $30,000

Amid ongoing Bitcoin price prediction and volatility, crypto analysts are divided into two and present divergent views. Some are optimistic about a rally to $44,000 or higher, while others caution against a possible decline to the crucial $30,000 level.

One of the analysts, James Van Straten, envisions a bullish trajectory for Bitcoin, forecasting a potential return to the $49,000 mark post-ETF approval.

“I can’t believe we got to buy #Bitcoin at 38k in 2024,” Van Straten wrote on the social media X on January 26. “The most misunderstood asset of all time.”

He attributes this optimistic outlook to stablecoin rotation and inflows from Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Notably, a modest shift from stablecoins already propelled Bitcoin to $42,000 on January 26.

Conversely, multinational financial services firm JPMorgan’s analysts cast doubt on the sustainability of Bitcoin’s recent surge, declaring the “crypto rally looks overdone.” They pinpointed two key factors driving the year-long rally, which are the anticipation of a spot bitcoin ETF approval in the U.S. and the SEC’s setbacks in the Ripple and Buterin cases.

Despite recent fluctuations, Bitcoin has now rebounded strongly, aligning with Van Straten’s visions. It reached nearly $42,000 on January 26 and fosters optimism among crypto analysts regarding its short-term prospects.

Stablecoin metrics and market trends

Analyzing Crypto Quant data, Thursday witnessed the Bitcoin Stablecoin Supply Ratio dropping to 11.22, only to surge back to 11.70 on Friday. This suggests that despite potential short-term selling pressure, Bitcoin has thus far weathered the storm in terms of price gains.

The anticipated purchase pressure arising from stablecoin rotation and Spot Bitcoin ETF inflows may sustain the upward momentum for Bitcoin. Despite briefly touching the $42,000 threshold this week, sustaining those levels proved challenging. Daily gains dwindled from over 5 percent to slightly above 2 percent.

Bitcoin traded at around $41,000 on January 27, boasting a market capitalization of $818.73 billion. The 24-hour trade volume surged 14.74 percent to $23 billion, yet it remained below the day’s high of $42,209.39.

The TradingView moving averages meter issues a “buy” signal for Bitcoin, trading higher than its 10-day and 50-day EMAs of $41,745 and $41,262, respectively. This reinforces a bullish sentiment in the market.

Van de Poppe’s Bitcoin price prediction insights

Another respected crypto analyst, Michaël van de Poppe, also shares Van Straten’s insights. When analyzing Bitcoin, Van de Poppe pointed out that the primary cryptocurrency is approaching the conclusion of its corrective phase.

He highlighted the existing range for Bitcoin, stretching from around $36,000 to $39,000 at the lower end to surpassing $51,200, the peak recorded in December 2021.

“Bitcoin is approaching the final stages of this correction,” Poppe wrote on January 25. “We see volatility decreasing from here as markets witnessed a 20% correction in 10 days.”

Furthermore, Van de Poppe also anticipates a potential 100 percent surge in value for an Ethereum (ETH) competitor.

Addressing his audience of 685,900 followers on a social platform, Van de Poppe points out that amid the crypto market downturn, certain assets present favorable positions, with Polkadot (DOT) notably standing out.

“Discouragement takes hold as the authorization of spot Bitcoin ETFs is confirmed. Bad news takes center stage,” Van de Poppe wrote on his social media X. “Now is the time to build up positions. This wonderful opportunity may be the last dip to position oneself in the market.”

The esteemed analyst anticipates a potential upswing of up to 164 percent for Polkadot, setting a target price at $17. A review of Van de Poppe’s chart indicates that DOT may encounter notable resistance around $9.39 following an evaluation of support ranging between $5.50 and $6.00.