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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs Likely To Keep The Price Above Pivotal $61,095 Support

Bitcoin is currently showing weakness, characterized by its price action for most of the week. As of 08:03 UTC, Bitcoin was trading at $64,265, marking a marginal increase of 0.37%. Despite this lackluster price action, several positive developments hint at an imminent bullish breakout soon.

Grayscale Launches Mini-Bitcoin ETF To Stem Outflows 

One significant announcement stirring Bitcoin optimism is Grayscale’s move to launch a low-fee, mini–Bitcoin ETF. For the better part of this year, Grayscale has witnessed substantial outflows from its Bitcoin ETF, attributed to the comparatively high fees associated with its offerings. 

The sizable Bitcoin holdings within its ETF have exerted downward pressure on BTC’s price, primarily through large sell-offs. By introducing a low-fee mini-ETF, Grayscale aims to mitigate these outflows and enhance its competitiveness compared to industry giants like BlackRock. This move by Grayscale is anticipated to support Bitcoin’s price, particularly amidst a surge in institutional investments pouring into BTC ETFs.

Japanese Listed Company Adds Bitcoin To Balance Sheet 

Besides good news from Grayscale, more public companies worldwide are integrating Bitcoin into their balance sheets. Among them is MicroStrategy, renowned for its substantial Bitcoin holdings valued at $6.2 billion. MicroStrategy’s resolute stance as a proponent of Bitcoin adoption catalyzes other listed companies joining the cryptocurrency bandwagon. 

Notably, MetaPlanet, a Japanese publicly listed firm, disclosed its acquisition of 1 billion Yen ($6.2 million) worth of Bitcoin on April 8, 2024. This strategic move underscores a broader trend where corporations recognize Bitcoin’s intrinsic value as a store of wealth and hedge against economic uncertainty.

Hong Kong Bitcoin ETF: An Important Factor

The news of Grayscale’s mini-ETF and a Japanese company buying BTC coincides with Hong Kong’s unveiling of Bitcoin ETFs tailored for Chinese investors. This development underscores the increasing global acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin as an investment instrument. All this, when the recently concluded Bitcoin halving continues to influence Bitcoin supply by enhancing scarcity.

Perfect Storm 

The convergence of these pivotal developments, when the Bitcoin halving event reduced the mined supply to only 3.125 BTC per block, points to Bitcoins increasing demand-supply imbalance. Bitfinex, a leading centralized exchange, corroborates this narrative by affirming that the current demand for Bitcoin surpasses available supply by up to fivefold. Such a scenario, rooted in fundamental economic principles, sets the stage for an imminent parabolic price surge.

As Bitcoin navigates this consolidation phase, characterized by modest price gains, upbeat news regarding institutional adoption, and a possible end to Grayscale’s selling,  a potential bullish breakout is imminent.  

Bitcoin Continues Range-Bound Trading, But Buying Volumes Rising

Bitcoin was bearish for the better part of yesterday, culminating in a low of $62,827. However, bears faced rejection at $62,827, laying the foundation for today’s consolidation phase. 

Today, Bitcoin oscillates within a narrow range, with resistance at $64,788 and support at $63,366. A breakthrough above $64,788 could propel Bitcoin to $67,000, erasing all of yesterday’s losses. 

Conversely, without significant upticks in trading volume, Bitcoin may persist in its sideways movement between $64,788 and $63,366. Should bears regain control and breach the $63,366 support, Bitcoin could quickly drop to $61,000, a critical weekly support level. 

Bitcoin Price Prediction – High Potential For  A Rally To $67k 

While Bitcoin is currently rangebound and could easily break out in any direction, the odds are higher that a bullish breakout is imminent. This is driven by the fact that many positive factors around Bitcoin are likely to drive up bullish sentiment. 

The most important one is that Grayscale has launched a mini, low-cost Bitcoin ETF. This is a big deal as it could reverse the tide of selloffs this ETF has experienced since early this year when BlackRock and other ETFs were launched. 

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Another big news item likely to trigger a surge in Bitcoin buying volumes is that a Japanese publicly listed company recently bought Bitcoin. This is not just a big deal, but more so in driving market sentiment. It gives investors the perception that companies could be looking to follow MicroStrategy’s move to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet. 

As both news filters into the market today, they could trigger a rally through $64,788 and easily see Bitcoin rally to $67,000 or higher ahead of the weekend.