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Bitcoin Price Forecast: Analyst Predicts Surge Above $71K Amid Mt. Gox Concerns


  • Market expert predict Bitcoin could reach $71,000 if it holds above the $67,000 support.
  • Recent Bitcoin transactions linked to Mt. Gox are part of repayment preparations, not immediate sell-offs.
  • Mt. Gox-linked wallets recently moved 140,000 BTC, worth approximately $10 billion, in a major asset transfer.

Bitcoin’s price, after making another attempt to surpass the $70,000 mark on Monday, experienced a slight decline of 2%, bringing it below $68,000. The price of Bitcoin has been hovering between $65,000 and $70,000 for some time now. Despite numerous efforts to exceed the $70,000 threshold, there needs to be more momentum from the bulls to sustain a continuous upward trend.

As of press time, Bitcoin is trading at $68,390, with a modest decline of 0.15% in the past 24 hours. Despite the bearish trend observed recently, Bitcoin remains bullish on the monthly chart, with a surge of more than 7%. The market cap and trading volume are at $1.34 trillion and $31 billion, respectively.ย 

Bitcoin Set for $71K, Expert Says

In a recent market analysis, Capo of Crypto, a renowned market expert, outlined a bullish forecast for Bitcoin, projecting a possible rally to $71,000. The optimism stems from a strong support level at $67,000, which, if maintained, could propel Bitcoin past the formidable $69,000 resistance mark.

The analyst emphasized the strengthening of demand at the $67,000 level, indicating a robust accumulation by traders. Should Bitcoin falter at this support, the next critical level to watch would be $65,000, which could serve as a minor bulwark against a deeper pullback.


Capo’s insights come at a time when the market is riddled with speculations about a potential Bitcoin dump due to historical Mt. Gox issues. However, Capo reassured investors, explaining the recent 43,000 BTC transaction linked to Mt. Gox is part of the exchange’s repayment preparations, with full processes extending until October 2024. This development suggests no immediate threat of a selloff, maintaining a stable outlook for the near term.

Mt. Gox Transfers $10B in Bitcoin After Years

According to Arkham, a blockchain intelligence company on X, Mt. Gox-linked wallets transferred an astonishing $10 billion worth of Bitcoin. This activity involved a total of 141,686 BTC distributed from 72 different wallets connected to the defunct exchange, revitalizing discussions around its long-standing bankruptcy resolution.

The massive transfer targeted a newly operational wallet, identified as 1Jbez, which received its initial transaction only a week prior. The distribution of funds saw approximately 2,000 BTC batches funneled into this wallet, accumulating nearly half of the Bitcoin tied to the Mt. Gox estate, valued at about $9.36 billion. Notably, 1Jbez has already started disseminating these assets, sending significant amounts to three other new wallets within the last hour.

Moreover, the recipients include the wallets labeled 152w, 1LsC, and 18YB, which received 4000 BTC, 21.9 BTC, and a symbolic 0.002 BTC, respectively. These transactions mark the first activity for these wallets, which had no prior transactions, hinting at strategic movements within the Bitcoin network.

Launched in 2010 in Tokyo, Mt. Gox rapidly became the largest Bitcoin trading platform globally by 2013, managing 70% of all Bitcoin transactions. However, its prominence was short-lived. In early 2014, the platform ceased all withdrawals and suspended trading activities, eventually filing for bankruptcy protection after a loss of over 800,000 Bitcoins.

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