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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs Likely To Keep The Price Above Pivotal $61,095 Support

Despite increasing regulatory pressure, Bitcoin trades above the $61,095 monthly support level. The latest is coming from U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bill Cassidy.

Some US Senators Pushing Against Bitcoin

On April 25th, Senators Warren and Cassidy addressed letters to the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, urging action against the anonymous nature of crypto transactions. They argued that this was fueling criminality.  This move adds to the ongoing regulatory scrutiny surrounding Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Oklahoma Passes Bitcoin-Friendly Law 

However, amidst these challenges, there are signs of optimism for Bitcoin’s future performance. One notable development is the recent legislative move by Oklahoma, which has enacted a law aimed at safeguarding Bitcoin ownership within the state. This law, aligned with similar initiatives in other states, protects citizens’ rights to manage, mine, and self-custody cryptocurrency assets.

The legislation, championed by Representative Brian Hill and Senator Bill Coleman, allows individuals in Oklahoma to store their crypto, mine Bitcoin, run full nodes, and trade digital assets. Dennis Porter, representing the Satoshi Action Fund, highlighted the potential economic benefits of this bill, suggesting that it could significantly bolster the economy of Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Move Could Spiral Into Other States

Moreover, the decision to permit Bitcoin mining to utilize excess energy promotes environmental sustainability and positions Oklahoma as a potential hub for cryptocurrency activities. Such initiatives could inspire similar actions from other U.S. states, indicating a broader shift towards embracing cryptocurrencies despite regulatory uncertainties.

Bitcoin’s resilience in the face of regulatory challenges reflects its enduring strength since its inception in 2009. Despite numerous hurdles, including regulatory crackdowns and market fluctuations, Bitcoin has maintained its position as the leading cryptocurrency.

Macro-Economic Indicators Paint A Bullish Picture For BTC

Furthermore, macroeconomic factors also contribute to Bitcoin’s positive outlook. The recent announcement of a 1.6% growth in the U.S. economy during the first quarter, below expectations, suggests potential vulnerabilities in current fiscal policies. With the Federal Reserve maintaining high interest rates to combat inflation, such policies may be unsustainable in the long term, potentially leading to a need for rate adjustments.

In such a scenario, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could benefit from a shift towards lower interest rates, as historically, they have thrived in environments of monetary easing. This potential alignment of macroeconomic conditions with Bitcoin’s inherent characteristics could be a significant catalyst for its future rally.

Resilience Proves Strength 

As Bitcoin navigates through regulatory challenges and macroeconomic dynamics, maintaining its position above crucial support levels underscores its resilience and potential for future growth. While uncertainties remain, the cryptocurrency’s resilience and adaptability inspire confidence among investors and enthusiasts alike.

Bitcoin Holds Above Key Monthly Support, A Bullish Signal

Bitcoin’s resilience above the crucial monthly support level of $61,095 amidst regulatory pressure suggests solid demand. A monthly close above this level would signify strength, potentially paving the way for a rally towards $70k or higher. The impending launch of Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs on April 30 could further bolster upside momentum, particularly if Bitcoin maintains its position above $61,095.

However, declining buying volumes could lead to consolidation between $61,095 and $68,688. Conversely, a $61,095 support level breach may signal bearish sentiment, potentially initiating a downtrend. In such a scenario, Bitcoin could test short-term lows around $55k. 

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Why More Upside For Bitcoin Is Coming

While Bitcoin can easily trade in direction depending on new market information, the odds are higher that it could be headed higher. One of the factors supporting such a move is that Bitcoin has been holding critical support despite the tough times in recent days. They range from a sustained multi-day outflow from ETFs to some US Senators getting more aggressive against Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin survived this without much price movement, showing that the underlying demand is strong. Even bigger news is that Chinese money could flow heavily into Bitcoin after April 30. That’s the day when the Bitcoin ETFs start trading in Hong Kong. This could mark a significant step towards pushing Bitcoin to new highs, especially now that the halving has significantly reduced the supply entering circulation.