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Bitcoin Dogs Presale Breaks Records: First-ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain

In a groundbreaking event for the crypto community, Bitcoin Dogs’ presale has shattered records as the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to take place directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin Dogs team announced that they have raised over $450k in just 3 hours since the presale began on February 13th, 2024, at 11:00 AM GMT.

This Bitcoin Dogs’ achievement not only marks a significant milestone for the token but also sets the stage for a new era of decentralized financing opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Yesterday, we saw $651 million [in] inflows, the largest daily inflow since the launch day

James Butterfill, Investment Strategist at CoinShares

A New Era in DeFi on the Bitcoin Blockchain

The success of Bitcoin Dogs’ presale is a testament to the growing demand for innovative projects built directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, highlighting its potential as a platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

The Ordinals protocol has been instrumental in facilitating the process of generating and preserving NFTs on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin Dogs’ team expressed their excitement about the presale success, emphasizing their commitment to delivering an engaging game experience while promoting the decentralization of the financial world.

The presale for $0DOG tokens started at $0.015 per token and will last until March 15th, 2024. It is programmed for token costs to escalate every 72 hours. Early-stage investors can currently purchase $0DOG tokens at the initial price of $0.015, with subsequent increases reaching $0.0404 by the end of the presale.

Gaming Experience in the GameFi Era

Bitcoin Dogs is an innovative NFT gaming venture that offers its users a rewarding metaverse journey, complete with the $0DOG token. It will enable players to cultivate, exchange, and compete with their digital pooches in a lucrative P2E landscape. Bitcoin Dogs’ team plans to allocate a significant portion of the raised funds toward developing the game and creating an interactive metaverse ecosystem.

The Bitcoin Dogs project is set to challenge competitors in the gaming industry by offering players a unique blend of entertainment, community building, and financial rewards through P2E mechanics.

As of now, Bitcoin Dogs stands as the largest NFT collection on Ordinals, with 10,000 individual NFTs. The game’s metaverse ecosystem offers users a vibrant marketplace for trading, buying, and selling their digital pets, fostering a community of collectors, traders, and breeders.

By leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin Dogs provides players with a greater layer of trust and security compared to competitors using alternative blockchains. The project’s roadmap includes several milestones, including the launch of the game in Q3 2024, cross-chain interoperability, and the implementation of Ordinals v2 for enhanced functionality and flexibility.

Bitcoin Dogs’ Roadmap

Beyond the historic $0DOG ICO, Bitcoin Dogs’ journey ahead promises to be remarkable. Other BRC-20 coins made headlines last year for their spectacular price movements. $ORDI, one breakout token, rallied 3,000% between September 2023 and January of this year. Other BRC-20 currencies include Orange, whose ORNJ token rose by 677% in three days last week.

Bitcoin Dogs’ closeness to the Ordinals NFT market also places it in good company. Bitcoin-based NFTs performed well in 2023 while the rest of the NFT market struggled, prompting analysts to anticipate they will continue to excel as a “roaring comeback” for NFTs emerges.

Institutional and retail investors are showing strong interest in DeFi projects on the Bitcoin blockchain. Interested investors can still participate in the presale by visiting the official Bitcoin Dogs website (BitcoinDogs.club) and following the instructions provided therein.

The presale is open until March 15th, 2024, with token prices increasing every 72 hours throughout the period. Early-stage investors can purchase $0DOG tokens at the $0.015 initial price.