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Best Altcoin To Buy March 29 – DogWifHat, Bad Idea AI, Ocean Protocol

Are you wondering about the best cryptocurrency to buy today? Well, this is the question we are addressing in this article, and you best read on to find out. 

To answer this question, we have focused on some of the most essential dynamics that could play a role in a cryptocurrency’s valuation now that we are in a bull market. Among the metrics we believe are likely to influence prices in the current market is big news around cryptocurrency and its market capitalization. The market capitalization is a factor because it shows how high a cryptocurrency can realistically go in a bull market.

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Today

In this article, we look at the best cryptocurrencies that have the potential to outdo the market today. The article highlights Bonk’s possible upcoming listing on Revolut, MINU’s fast-rising user numbers amongst rising prices, and Jupiter’s price rally after integrating Sanctum. The article also touches on Nervos Network’s publishing of an elevator pitch and Ethereum’s growing staking numbers, with 25% of the total Ethereum in circulation now staked. 

Bonk (BONK)

Bonk (BONK) is one of the most popular Solana-based meme coins in the market today. Bonk has had quite a good performance today, pushing its market cap higher by 5% to stand at $897 million.


BonkThis is a relatively low market cap by crypto standards, and with money flowing into the crypto market fast, Bonk has significant room for expansion.  

Besides the low market cap, there are lots of news around BONK that could trigger a parabolic rally. One of them is the speculation that Bonk could be listed on Revolut. Given Revolut’s strong market presence in Europe, such a move could see Bonk’s user numbers shoot up significantly. This may explain the growing excitement around Bonk at the moment. 

Bonk is also available on most top exchanges, such as Binance. At a time like this, when Bonk is trending online, this ease of access is a plus. It’s a significant reason why Bonk is a cryptocurrency to buy now for potentially parabolic gains in the short term. 


Minu (MINU) has had an impressive run in the last 24 hours and has come close to doubling in price within the day. The price rally has seen Mina’s market cap rise by 75% to $967.67 million. Minu’s current market capitalization is quite low, so there is room for growth. 

Besides the low market cap, there is a lot of activity around the MINU ecosystem. This is evident in the surge in user numbers to 8000 in 8 days. Since Minu allows investors to mine crypto and earn tokens in BNB, this is a factor that will likely draw more users to MINU. 

At the same time, the Minu team is getting more aggressive in marketing to capitalize on the momentum the token has built so far. The token is also getting listed on more exchanges, adding to incoming liquidity as the marketing efforts bear fruit. 

Minu’s passive income potential also explains why people are FOMOing in and why this could see MINU hit astronomical price levels. Unlike most meme coins, where there is nothing more to them than hype, Minu allows investors to mine crypto and earn a passive income at a rate of 8%. This alone is a reason to consider MINU a top crypto today.

Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter (JUP) has been quite volatile for the better part of February, sometimes lagging the market for days. However, this seems to be changing. Jupiter has emerged among the crypto top performers with gains of 8%. These gains have pushed Jupiter’s market capitalization to $736 million.

For a cryptocurrency that has come to dominate the Decentralized Exchange space, out-competing the likes of Uniswap, a market cap of $736 million is relatively low. It gives Jupiter significant room for growth as the market expands. 

Besides the low market cap and the explosion of meme coins trading on Jupiter, much is happening that could propel Jupiter to new heights. The most noticeable one is the rising number of integrations. For instance, today, Jupiter has announced the integration of Sanctum’s LSTs. This is a big deal as Sanctum is one of the largest staking platforms on the Solana blockchain. 

Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Network (CKB) is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies today. Nervos Network is currently up by 44%. The market cap has also expanded by 44% in the last 24 hours to $587.643 million. This is a tiny market cap for a cryptocurrency with fundamentals as strong as Nervos Network and opens up room for growth. 

The strongest aspect of Nervos Network fundamentals is that the team makes it easier for developers to launch cross-chain Dapps. This includes leveraging the power of the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure that Dapps are secure.

Now that Nervos Network has launched an elevator pitch to give a clearer picture of the concept, more investments are bound to flow in. It’s an undervalued crypto worth considering today. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a large-cap cryptocurrency second only to Bitcoin. It currently has a market capitalization of $336 billion. While this may seem high, analysts are projecting that this bull run could see the crypto market hit a total market capitalization of $10 trillion. Ethereum could easily hit a market capitalization of $4 trillion and above within the year. Such projections make Ethereum massively undervalued at its current prices. 


One factor that adds to Ethereum’s potential for a significant upside is the ongoing efforts to improve scalability. This could see more Dapps launch on Ethereum and add to those that stick with Ethereum for its security and network stability. 

There is also the fact that the amount of Ethereum available for trading is thinning out. So far, about 25% of Ethereum is staked, which means rising demand is chasing a shrinking supply. This is a real reason to consider Ethereum one of the best cryptocurrencies today.

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