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Best Crypto To Explode March 22 – TON, Centrifuge, Polymesh

The cryptocurrency market is calm today, an indicator that it is consolidating ahead of another big price move. With the fear and greed index currently at 79, it is clear that most investors are bullish, and another bullish breakout rally could be underway heading into the weekend. Such dynamics lead to the question: Which cryptocurrency will explode this weekend?

This is the question we seek to answer in this article to help investors make the most of their money, both short term and long term. This article focuses on cryptocurrencies whose prices are pumping today and those whose use cases align with the biggest news in the market today. That’s BlackRock’s move towards launching a tokenized asset fund on the Ethereum blockchain.

Top Crypto To Explode Today 

This article focuses on Toncoin as its price continues to be positively impacted by successful project launches on the Ton Raffles Platform. The article touches on Ethereum’s potential for a bullish breakout as news of BlackRock’s tokenized fund overshadows any FUD around an ETF approval.

It also touches on some cryptocurrencies that are already quite strong in the tokenized assets space and could stand to gain the most as the world tends toward asset tokenization. These cryptocurrencies are Polymesh, ONDO Finance, and Centrifuge. 

Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin (TON) is one of the best cryptocurrencies today, and from its price action, it could be headed for explosive growth over the weekend. That’s because it has broken through a critical resistance level with high volumes, and with buying volumes building up, it could be headed to prices above $5 this weekend. TON makes it to the list of cryptocurrencies set to explode this weekend, not just for its price action but the underlying fundamentals as well. 

TON is the cryptocurrency that powers the Ton Raffles Platform, a blockchain platform that rivals Solana in key metrics such as scalability. Many highly successful projects are currently launching on this blockchain, and add to the demand for TON.

As demand for these upcoming projects, such as FISH, continues to grow, the price of TON could be headed much higher as well. Besides, TON now has a stronger use case in Telegram for paying content creators. All these are demand drivers for TON. With the price already showing signs of a breakout, TON could emerge as one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies this weekend. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) started the week with some bearish news about the dimming prospects of its ETFs being approved. However, this seems to have been factored into the market and all eyes are now on BlackRock’s move that could significantly increase the demand for Ethereum long term. BlackRock announced that it was launching a tokenized assets fund on Ethereum and had already seeded it with $100 million. 

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink also recently did an interview where he pointed to asset tokenization as the future of finance. This is a big deal for Ethereum in two ways. First, it means that one of the world’s largest asset management funds in the world believes in Ethereum.

This means Ethereum’s core fundamentals are solid, and that’s a good signal for the future of Ethereum. Secondly, now that BlackRock has chosen Ethereum, demand for Ether could shoot up as investors seek to align themselves with the future of finance.

In more short term, Ethereum is set to benefit immensely from how its price responded to the SEC FUD. The fact that the price went up after that news means that investors believe in the future of Ethereum and are not selling. Combining these factors and bullish technical indicators could see Ethereum emerge as one of the best performing cryptocurrencies this weekend. 

Polymesh (POLYX)

Polymesh (POLYX) is a blockchain that is dedicated to the trading of regulated tokenized securities. Polymesh does this through an in-built system that deals with most of the infrastructure problems that come with traditional systems, such as identity, compliance, and settlements. 

Through Polymesh, developers can also create Dapps that benefit from its core features, such as data privacy and fast transaction finality for maximum speed when trading regulated securities. Since Polymesh is a permissioned blockchain for institutions, investors expect to gain traction quickly as tokenized securities trading becomes the norm.

As news around BlackRock’s move continues to filter into the market, Polymesh could see an increase in money flow, which would add to the momentum it has built up in the last 48 hours. It’s a high-potential cryptocurrency to keep an eye on today. 

ONDO Finance (ONDO)

ONDO Finance (ONDO) is a cryptocurrency that aims to democratize access to complex financial instruments that are usually only accessible to institutional players. This includes easier access to securities trading by tokenizing them. This use case has seen ONDO Finance emerge as one of the most-watched cryptocurrencies this week. 

That’s because, as a wave of asset tokenization takes root across the markets, platforms like ONDO that already have the infrastructure in place are set to benefit the most. With the move by BlackRock still dominating the news across crypto cycles, ONDO Finance could see a surge in money flow going into the weekend. This makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today in anticipation of a price pump on the weekend and next week.

Centrifuge (CFG)

Centrifuge (CFG) is a cryptocurrency project that allows investors to leverage the power of DeFi to tokenize and fund real-world assets. Through Centrifuge, pretty much any real-world asset can be tokenized. Centrifuge is designed in such a way that even small market players, such as SMEs, can tokenize real-world assets.


Even better, investors in Centrifuge can turn a profit that is not tied to the volatile crypto market. These metrics, coupled with the growing wave of asset tokenization that is blowing across the market, make Centrifuge one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold today. The odds of it pumping over the weekend are high as buying volumes surge.