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5 Best Cryptos to Buy Now April 29

What cryptocurrency is likely to explode today? This question is on many people’s minds now that Bitcoin has crossed the $70k mark with high volumes. That’s because, as in past crypto cycles, once Bitcoin pushes through its all-time highs, it triggers a marketwide rally that sends some cryptocurrencies rocketing by thousands of percentages. 

The challenge usually comes in choosing high-potential cryptocurrencies to buy for the bull market. That’s because some are pump and dumps, and others don’t have much community engagement going on, which means they may not make new highs despite the hype across the market. In this article, we have selected cryptocurrencies showing solid signs of growth and, with the intense hype around them, could record parabolic growth this week.

Best Cryptocurrency To Explode Today

This article looks at cryptocurrencies promising strong value growth today and throughout this bull cycle. The article touches on FLOKI’s rising bullish momentum as the total value locked hits new highs, Ethereum’s potential with the Dencun upgrade only 48 hours away, and Bitcoin’s FOMO buildup after it crossed the $70k price mark. The article also zeroes in Stacks, for its rhythmic movement in tandem with Bitcoin, and Fetch.Ai’s explosive growth potential as the AI space heats up.


FLOKI (FLOKI) is one of the hottest meme coins. In just 30 days, it has gained by 800%, showing no signs of a slowdown. Going forward, there is much to look forward to for FLOKI, and the odds of this crypto adding another 100% or more in gains this week are pretty high. One of the critical factors likely to drive FLOKI’s price momentum is its fast-growing ecosystem, which also drives up the rate of token burns. 

At the moment, FLOKI’s total value locked is bigger than the other top five meme coins combined, including PEPE, Shiba Inu, and DOGE. This level of adoption is also accelerating the token burn, and with increasing buying volumes, FLOKI could make new highs pretty soon. 

With all the good news around the FLOKI ecosystem, this token is also readily available on top exchanges like Binance. This creates an easy avenue for retail money to FOMO and could trigger a parabolic price rally for FLOKI today and through the week. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is another popular cryptocurrency that could deliver superior returns today and for the rest of the week. Already, Ethereum has crossed the $4k mark, and many analysts project that Ethereum could test $5k within the week and possibly much higher prices as the bull run gains momentum. The key factor likely to drive the cost of Ethereum this week is the upcoming Dencun upgrade

This upgrade is scheduled for March 13, and it is already starting to drive up the buying activity around Ethereum. That’s because it is expected to make transactions on Ethereum layer-2s more efficient. Investors expect this to open up the Ethereum network. Such a surge in adoption could add to Ethereum’s already dominant position as the biggest L1 blockchain in the market today. 

Investors are also increasingly taking positions in Ethereum before a possible ETF approval. While the ETF deadline for approval is May 23, many analysts believe it could come earlier. An ETF would open up the floodgates of institutional money into Ethereum and is expected to push Ethereum to prices above $10k. With so much short and long-term potential, Ethereum is a promising cryptocurrency to invest in today. 

Stacks (STX)

Stacks (STX) is the largest Bitcoin layer-2 network in the market today and aims to unlock over $500 billion of value in Bitcoin. Investors are increasingly turning to this cryptocurrency because, besides its use case, its price moves in sync with Bitcoin. If Bitcoin sustains its current momentum and pushes to prices above $100k, Stacks could quickly reach $20 or more. 

This week, Stacks is already showing strong upside momentum after Bitcoin crossed the $71k mark. However, it is not just the price correlation with Bitcoin that makes Stacks attractive. This cryptocurrency also has a major upgrade called the Nakamoto release on April 19. As this date draws closer, Stacks is likely to keep experiencing significant FOMO. All this makes STX one of the hottest cryptocurrencies to buy today. 

Fetch.AI (FET)

Fetch.AI (FET) has been one of the top trending cryptocurrencies in the last few weeks. This has much to do with all the AI hype spiraling into crypto AI tokens. With so many expectations around AI, this hype around Fetch.AI is only likely to get stronger now; bullish momentum is rising across the market. 

One key factor likely to keep the momentum strong around Fetch.AI is the fact that it recently secured $100 million in funding and is using that money to buy NVIDIA GPUs. Given that GPUs power AI, this move puts Fetch.AI at the forefront of the AI revolution, and investors are noticing. With an NVIDIA conference coming up on March 18 and hype building up, FET comes off as a worthwhile cryptocurrency to buy today. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the most watched cryptocurrencies today. The price is making new all-time highs, and investors are anticipating even more gains now that there is a lot of media attention around Bitcoin, and the institutional money appetite for Bitcoin is on the rise.

With buying volumes rising exponentially at $71k, the odds are that Bitcoin could easily test $80k this week and make new highs above $100k before the halving. For such potential, there is no doubt that Bitcoin is one of the best crypto assets to buy and hold for the rest of the year.