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BEAM Price Could Rally Another 30% If It Closes Above $0.0297 Today

BEAM has emerged as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies today, climbing 26% to reach $0.03366 as of 09:18 UTC. This impressive gain is driven by BEAM’s listing on Upbit, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges

The announcement of BEAM’s inclusion in multiple trading pairs on Upbit has ignited market enthusiasm, significantly boosting its visibility and accessibility in one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets.

Upbit Listing A Strategic Milestone

The Upbit listing is a strategic milestone for BEAM, enhancing its liquidity and trading volume by tapping into the South Korean market’s robust trading activity. This move is expected to solidify BEAM’s market presence further and attract a new wave of investors and traders.

BEAM: A Major Player in The Gaming Market

BEAM’s core utility lies within the Beam network, a gaming ecosystem powered by the Merit Circle DAO. This platform facilitates collaboration between gamers and developers to advance the gaming industry. Central to this ecosystem is the Beam SDK, a versatile software development kit that provides game developers with various tools to integrate blockchain elements into their games.

The token is integral to the Beam network, serving as the native currency for all transactions. These transactions include asset transfers and interactions with smart contracts, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience. As gamers engage more deeply with the Beam network, the demand for BEAM tokens increases, increasing its market value.

New Gaming Updates Being Released 

A notable example of BEAM’s growing influence in the gaming sector is the game MegaWeapon, which has recently introduced a new in-game item called the Weed Whacker. 

MegaWeapon Releases New Weapon Update

This announcement, made via their X account, emphasizes the ongoing innovation and developer activity within the Beam network. The post read, “Calling all garden enthusiasts! This week’s Weapon Wednesday feature is the Weed Whacker! Are pesky weeds bogging you down? Slay your enemies and tackle your honey-do list with this reimagining of a yardwork classic.” 

Such updates demonstrate BEAM’s vibrant development scene, attracting more players and enhancing user engagement. The continuous development of new features and in-game items enriches the gaming experience and boosts the utility and demand for BEAM tokens. The ecosystem’s overall value and attractiveness grow as players spend more time and resources within the Beam network.

BEAM’s Price Likely Headed Higher 

BEAM’s recent performance and strategic advancements highlight its potential as a significant player in the cryptocurrency and gaming sectors. The Upbit listing is a critical milestone, expanding its reach and solidifying its market position. The growing activity within the Beam ecosystem, driven by developer innovation and user engagement, adds to the token’s robust potential.

Looking forward, BEAM is well-positioned to capitalize on the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. The Beam network offers a unique and engaging experience for both gamers and developers, driving further adoption and market growth. As BEAM expands its ecosystem and attracts more users, its value proposition becomes increasingly compelling.

BEAM in A Bullish Breakout as Bullish Momentum Rises

BEAM has been range-bound for over a month between the $0.0297 resistance and $0.0245 support. However, after the Upbit news, BEAM broke out bullish. If BEAM ends the day above the $0.0297 resistance, it will signal that bulls are in control. In such a scenario, it could rally to a high of $0.0423 during the weekend. 

On the other hand, if bulls lose momentum and the price ends the day inside the monthly range, then the consolidation could continue. If bears take control and push the price through the $0.0245 support, then there could be a correction to the multi-month support of $0.0213 in the short term. 

BEAM Bulls Likely to Remain in Control Today

The Upbit listing has triggered a surge in BEAM demand and trading volumes. With South Korea one of the biggest crypto markets globally, the move to list BEAM could trigger FOMO. This is primarily because there are big expectations of a crypto bull rally within the year. 

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