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Avalanche Price Prediction – Avalanche Targets $4 As Stripe Partnership Excites Market

Avalanche is in the green today, and its rising volumes point to more gains in the short term. As of 08:14 UTC, Avalanche’s native token, AVAX, has spiked by 4.48%, trading at $34.59. Trading volumes have skyrocketed by 67%, reaching $450.581 million.

Avalanche Partners with Stripe

This comes after big news hit the market about a Stripe-Avalanche partnership. Stripe, a fast-rising payments platform, has forged a strategic alliance with Avalanche’s C-Chain. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to drive crypto payments to new heights and trigger Avalanche’s value growth. 

The partnership facilitates direct AVAX purchases through Stripe’s platform, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can seamlessly buy AVAX using various payment methods, including ACH transfers and credit cards, through Avalanche’s native wallet, Core, developed by Ava Labs.

Efficient On-Ramp For Web 3.0

Stripe’s onramp to Avalanche can be effortlessly accessed via Core’s web extension or application, with user registration streamlined through Apple ID and other everyday use platforms. This integration aims to eliminate the “cold start problem” faced by many web3 companies. In this scenario, users have to deal with insufficient funds when using Web 3.0 platforms. By handling KYC, Stripe offers a frictionless entry point into the Avalanche ecosystem in a way that is accessible to the average crypto user. 

Avalanche Partners Join In 

The implications of Stripe’s integration with Avalanche are far-reaching. Several of Avalanche’s top partners have swiftly followed suit, announcing their plans to integrate Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp into their systems. Among these partners is Arena, a prominent player in the crypto space.

Through its X account, Arena has announced its integration of Stripe’s onramp, enabling users to fund their Arena wallets with AVAX directly through Stripe’s platform. This move signals Arena’s commitment to expanding its reach and catering to a broader audience of non-native crypto users, particularly with the launch of V2.

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Mainstream Adoption

The significance of this collaboration cannot be overstated. By facilitating mainstream access to AVAX, Stripe’s partnership with Avalanche is poised to propel the platform’s adoption to new heights. As more users gain effortless access to AVAX, the cryptocurrency stands on the brink of exponential growth and widespread acceptance.

In response to these developments, market analysts have expressed bullish sentiments regarding Avalanche’s prospects. With Stripe’s stamp of approval and the backing of major partners like Arena, AVAX is positioned for sustained upward momentum in the coming months.

Avalanche Crypto Price Prediction 

When going to press, Avalanche was trading at $34.59, up by 4.48%. Volumes were also on the rise, a signal of rising bullish momentum. 

Avalanche has exhibited notable movements today. However, zooming out to the day chart, AVAX is still range-bound between $33.47 support and $39.92 resistance.  

As of going to press, AVAX was trending toward the $33.47 support level, suggesting a potential test of this critical threshold. However, buying volumes are high, which indicates that bulls could hold AVAX above the $33.47 support. If bulls hold the price above $33.47 and trigger a bullish reversal, attention will turn to the critical resistance level at $39.92. If bulls can push AVAX through the $39.92 resistance, AVAX could surpass the $40 mark within the day.

Conversely, if volumes drop in the day, AVAX could consolidate between the $39.92 resistance and the $33.47 support for the remainder of the day.

However, if the outlook turns bearish and the $33.47 support is broken, AVAX may experience a swift downturn, with prices potentially plummeting below $30 within the day. 

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Which Way For AVAX Today?

While AVAX can go up or down today, the odds are higher for a bullish breakout. That’s because the news of Avalanche’s integration into Stripe is a big deal regarding long-term growth. As such, it could trigger FOMO into Avalanche. This news is likely to be supported by the broader market, which shows signs of a rebound. 

After some correction yesterday, most of the market is in the green today as Bitcoin shows signs of a comeback. If bulls can sustain this momentum across the market, Avalanche’s Stripe news could see it push to a high of $40 or more today.