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AI altcoin frenzy following Bitcoin's leap to $68K

The recent popularity of spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has significantly boosted Bitcoin’s (BTC) earnings in the past few weeks.

In January, amidst numerous regulatory hurdles, several Bitcoin ETFs were launched in the US. These attracted record-breaking investments. This occasioned a significant increase in Bitcoin’s price, even exceeding the $68,000 peak it had reached in November 2021 before it eventually dropped.

Bitcoin’s rise in value boosted its own standing and positively affected the altcoin market. Many prominent altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE) have increased activity recently, following Bitcoin’s bullish price movement.

InQubeta’s rise

InQubeta is a platform that makes it easy for cryptocurrency users to connect with startups needing support for their AI-led initiatives. They use their special QUBE token for transactions on the platform.

InQubeta, built on Ethereum, has gained attention due to its impressive presale earnings of $10.9 million. Many are referring to it as one of the standout new ICOs in 2024.

The QUBE token is an ERC-20 coin. Its system—a deflationary model—controls its availability and stabilizes its price, especially when market conditions are unfavorable.

When the price stays consistent, QUBE tokens attract more cryptocurrency buyers. If there is a surplus in token distribution, the extra tokens are destroyed or ‘burned.’ Additionally, the QUBE tokens offer crucial governance benefits. Individuals possessing these tokens can participate in essential protocol enhancement decisions by utilizing their voting rights.

Community members debate all proposals and then vote on them. This democratic system ensures that decisions serve the platform’s best interests. Recognized as a leading crypto, InQubeta encourages users to invest in startups via an NFT portal. This portal makes investing more accessible by allowing fractional contributions and maintaining transparency.

Startup investment proposals can be turned into NFTs. Cryptocurrency users gain a small stake in the startup’s equity by purchasing these NFTs. It allows users to review and compare various startup offers to match their investment objectives best.

InQubeta assists new businesses with their marketing needs. These startups can benefit from the knowledge and experience of established industry leaders to enhance their growth.

In the next few weeks, the team at InQubeta has some exciting updates lined up. They plan to introduce several new elements to make InQubeta stand out in cryptocurrency. One such feature is the introduction of a staking dApp that will help promote their service more effectively.

The team now focuses on listing the QUBE token on a centralized exchange. This move aims to increase the platform’s exposure significantly.

Crypto surge

Bitcoin is a digital currency secured and validated through a system of peer-to-peer network connections. This system, called a proof-of-work algorithm, also confirms transactions made with Bitcoin’s own currency, BTC.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the US, cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity. These ETFs have been well-received because they provide regulated access to Bitcoin without requiring users to own the token directly.

With excitement still high after introducing Bitcoin ETFs, experts believe Bitcoin might climb even higher in the coming months.

MicroStrategy’s declared they will use a private fund of $600 million, gathered from convertible notes, to increase their Bitcoin portfolio. Whatever money comes from selling these notes will be utilized to purchase more Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and InQubeta are leading cryptocurrencies with a large, global user base. Their growth can be attributed to their user-friendly designs. As Bitcoin enjoys the benefits of successful BTC ETFs and InQubeta revels in its presale profits, experts in the crypto field believe the uptrend will continue.

Their decentralized systems back the rise in value of these two coins. These very secure networks protect users’ assets and privacy from potential risks.