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Adsgram Enables Toncoin Earnings for Telegram Mini-App Developers

The TON Community has launched Adsgram, a novel traffic monetization tool on Telegram that enables developers to earn Toncoin (TON) through advertisements within mini-applications. Unlike the official Telegram Ads platform, Adsgram targets mini-apps and bots, providing developers with diverse advertising formats and substantial earning potential.

New Ad Tools for Developers on Telegram

Introduced on June 25, Adsgram offers developers a range of advertisement formats, including 15-second video ads, static banners, and soon, channel subscriptions. The platform supports various payment models like cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and tracks key metrics such as click-through rates and Conversion effectiveness. Adsgram’s distinct advantage lies in its appeal to various advertisers, from tier-1 exchanges to TON-based gaming and gambling services, offering competitive CPM rates ranging from 0.5 TON to 2 TON.

Adsgram aims to significantly enhance how developers monetize their applications on Telegram, particularly in the growing GameFi sector. Co-founder Vadim Sterlin shared his challenges with monetizing his game, Fantongamebot, underscoring the platform’s necessity. Following a successful $50,000 grant from the TON Foundation, Adsgram tested its capabilities with the alpha launch of Fanton Fantasy Football, heralding a new era of in-app advertising on Telegram.

Adsgram Boosts GameFi Monetization on Telegram

Sterlin’s initiative addresses a crucial gap in the GameFi monetization process. By integrating Adsgram, developers can access practical monetization tools, fostering growth within the Telegram ecosystem and the broader TON network. The platform’s launch is timely, coinciding with a 4,500% surge in activity across the TON ecosystem in 2024, indicating robust growth and the rising importance of innovative monetization strategies in digital economies.

This expansion marks a significant milestone in digital advertising, offering developers and advertisers alike a robust tool to harness the potential of the TON ecosystem while driving forward the monetization of digital and interactive content on Telegram.

Toncoin Surges, USDT Circulation Exceeds 500M on TON

Toncoin (TON), the Telegram-linked cryptocurrency, has experienced a significant 3.20% price increase over the last 24 hours, pushing its value to $7.68. This rise contributes to its market capitalization reaching $18.88 billion, making it the eighth-largest cryptocurrency. The trading volume has been robust, with transactions worth about $262.4 million recorded in the past day.

Additionally, the circulation of USDT stablecoins on The Open Network (TON) has surpassed 500 million, with the latest figures showing 519.28 million USDT. This growth follows Tether’s expansion on TON two months ago, which included the launch of its US dollar-backed and gold-backed stablecoins, USDT and XAUT, respectively.

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